he sky at this time, a young man was jumping straight out of a jet plane, and in his hand, a long bow was being stretched into a crescent moon, pointed directly at the two groups in the sky. light and shadow


Zhang Heng was very angry. First, he saw the miserable situation of Human City from the plane. Judging from the original structure of the city, the construction situation of Human City is actually very good. Although it is definitely not as good as the original Beijing, but But it is much bigger and better than his human city in the south. It can be seen how many people’s blood and sweat have been put into this new city, but now it is almost destroyed, and there are corpses of human soldiers all over the ground. This Everything made Zhang Heng’s anger continue to accumulate.
On the other hand, it was because he had been delayed in the southern human city for a long time and did not come to the northern human city until this time. He did not know whether Pei Jiao was still there. He was really anxious and wished he could have attacked the southern human city. It would be better to kill those alien souls again.
/Yes, Zhang Heng received the telegram from the northern human city two days ago. At that time, he had planned to come to the northern human city immediately. However, while the jet was still refueling, the military scouts from the southern human city , they discovered signs of alien armies gathering near the human city. At that moment, the entire southern human city fell into an inexplicable panic.
Normally, such signs of the gathering of alien troops would not cause the human city to panic, but the current situation is a bit special. First, the human city in the north is experiencing a huge catastrophe, a war of genocide of human beings, and the human city in the south is experiencing a huge catastrophe. The humans are worried that the aliens have planned two battlefields at the same time. The main battlefield is naturally the human city in the north, and the secondary battlefield is probably here.
Of course, this is not the point. The point is that Zhang Heng, the pillar of the Southern Human City, plans to go to the Northern Human City in person to participate in the battle to protect the Children of Humanity. This is understandable in the first place. If the journey is not too far, it is estimated that the southern Human City The secular army will also go to the war together, but the focus now is not whether Zhang Heng should go to the war, but once Zhang Heng leaves, how should the southern human city deal with the upcoming alien attack?
“Stop! Stop! I’m going to go down and kill someone!”
Speaking of which, this wooden longbow is also a natural weapon with its true name. It was obtained by Zhang Heng from the high-level elf holy spirit in a large elf stronghold during the period when he was wiping out the foreign tribes near the human city in the south. His true name is Shooting Star. , but because Zhang Heng destroyed the high-level elf holy spirit, the elf princess who was captured by Zhang He

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