(I also watched my body turn into charcoal)
Pei Jiao was murmuring in his heart. He felt that if he continued to be in contact with this man, sooner or later his face would turn into an embarrassing shape.
Amidst the conversation, the sports car stopped outside a high-rise office building. From Pei Jiao’s perspective, in addition to the employees coming in and out of the office building, there were actually several free souls standing at the gate, which made him even more surprised. What is surprising is that these free souls actually have natural weapons!
“Here we are, China’s Free Soul Headquarters.”
It’s really weird
“In fact, there is no man’s land from the second floor to the fifth floor. There are mostly guards arranged by the government to prevent ordinary people from accidentally entering the fifth floor. The second floor starts from the fifth floor where the headquarters of the Soul Organization is located. The sixth floor is From the 11th floor to the 11th floor are the mission releases of each level. In addition to the ghost missions in our country, there are also ghost missions from other countries. This is the mission list refreshed and announced by the global network at the same time. From the 11th floor to the 20th floor, there are It is a trading room and a lounge, and above the 20th floor is the laboratory of the soul organization. Ordinary free souls are not allowed to go up.”
Pei Jiao is like Grandma Liu entering the Grand View Courtyard. It’s not that he has never entered an office building. After all, he used to work in a foreign company. However, he originally had the idea of ????entering the military, but the reality is that he came to something similar to the stock market. In the lobby, this feeling is really weird.
At the entrance to the sixth floor, Pei Jiao stared dumbfounded at the situation on the sixth floor. In addition to two to three hundred free souls, there were five to six hundred living people running around there, and even some were roaring loudly. With.
“The mission in Sicily, the United States, has failed. One free soul and twelve soul organization staff were wiped out. The mission level has been increased by two levels, and it will be taken to the eighth floor immediately!”
/“Super strong electromagnetic waves appeared in the World War II battlefield area of ??Verdun, France. The French government suspects the emergence of a new fantasy land. Currently, a team of 50 free souls is assembled and led by an escapee. Join now and you will receive 500 units of standard energy! Accept this mission Please go to the ninth floor.”
“The Indian government is asking for urgent help. Its national team is now trapped in the hungry ghost tunnel.”
/In the center of the sixth floor, there is a large screen, which is similar to the kind of stock market. There are many free souls and staff standing densely around it. They are all staring at the big screen and looking closely at it. When they see a new task appear, or the original task changes, some specialized staff will sho

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