ter to turn all humans into demons, eat alien meat, drink alien blood, rape all alien women, and treat all men as Slaves, then destroy alien civilizations, breed them as food until they become cherished and protected creatures, and then slowly think of ways to legislate to protect them, and then let some exhausted and boring environmentalists condemn human beings for their own goodness!


Non-my family, its heart must be different!
Because he was too excited, Duan Rui opened his eyes fiercely. His face was full of ferocity, and his eyes were full of hatred. However, what he saw was not the fleshy wall of the uterus in a fetus as he thought, but several machines. The arm was dangling not far in front of him, and he was in a huge glass cabinet filled with light green warm liquid.
/Duan Rui was so frightened that he almost jumped up. He heard a muffled sound and his head hit a hard metal platform, which almost knocked him unconscious. After a long time, he was shocked to find that he I can actually breathe in this light green liquid. Although the feeling of liquid passing through my lungs is not very good, it is definitely not like the feeling of being suffocated by flowing liquid.
(Could it be that I was not reborn, but was captured by some ultra-high-tech alien intelligent creature? Then they transformed me and used me as a test subject, first XX, then XX, and then XX from the chrysanthemum! It should be It’s an experiment about combat weapons. For example, after the “strange” race of humans is transformed in some way, it may be able to produce super mutations and powerful combat power. Then I destroyed this race in one fell swoop, and took this combat weapon with me. Return the power to mankind, then recruit troops, then roar in the mountains and forests, then establish a country, restore human civilization, and give away those alien races)
Duan Rui shrank in the liquid and didn’t dare to move. He kept thinking about something in his head. At the same time, his eyes secretly looked at the mechanical arms. Strangely, the mechanical arms stood there motionless. There seemed to be no reaction at all to his awakening.
Duan Rui looked out of the glass cabinet strangely. He really couldn’t figure out what all this was for a while, and his head hurt badly, so he could only reach out and touch his head, but suddenly, he was horrified. I found that my arm turned into metal!
No, it should be that his whole body was wrapped in a layer of strange metal. He could still feel the flesh and blood limbs wrapped in the metal. How should I put it, it was as if he was wearing a steel tights that clung to his body. Damn, it’s still in underwear mode. But then again, since his whole body is wrapped in this metal tights, why does his head hurt so much?
Duan Rui strangely touched his head with his hand, but before he could touch it, suddenly there was a crisp sound on his head, and suddenly his whole head felt like it was wrapped in something, and he only felt When his eyesight turned dark, his heart immediately pounded. He tho

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