restimated the power of humans because they had no experience fighting regular alien armies. Fighting Qi burster, this is simply a force that is enough to directly trample ordinary Holy Spirits to death!


Although the elven army is elite, there are only twenty or thirty people at most who can burst out with fighting spirit. They are all officers in the army, and even belong to the minor nobles. You must know that the body and soul of human beings are different from those of foreign races. It’s completely different. For humans, as long as there is enough food containing soul obsession, it is natural for fighting spirit to explode. However, for aliens, to explode fighting spirit, not only must the food for soul obsession be sufficient, but also must be maintained regularly. After years of long-term training, it even requires a little talent. Of course, in this way, the aliens who have exploded with fighting spirit can generally beat a few humans who have broken out fighting spirit, but this is not able to withstand the large number of humans. ah!
Hundreds of humans bursting with fighting spirit! Even if the Holy Spirit falls into it, one punch from one person is enough to make its soul disappear!
So when this elite army of elves saw six humans bursting out with fighting spirit in the distance and rushing towards them, they still looked with contempt. But when they saw one or two hundred fighting spirit rays, or even three or four hundred fighting spirit rays coming towards them, When they rush towards them, it’s not fear or fear, it’s despair. They are the wall guarding the elven city, so what rushes towards them is not waves, but a series of meteorites!
When fighting spirit is wrapped around a weapon, even leaves can cut through alloy steel plates. If the whole body is wrapped in a layer, the thin layer is enough to withstand dozens of sharp arrows, unless the arrow also carries fighting spirit and is bombarded by magic. As long as there is Dou Qi wrapped around the body, it will mostly only cause pain but not injury, unless the Dou Qi is exhausted first.
/Wang Jun and Leng Jian may not quite understand the meaning of hundreds of fighting spirit bursters, but these elite elven troops in front of them understand it all too well, including the Holy Spirit Elf Baron who leads them. Lord of this place!
“Retreat, return to the castle!” The Holy Spirit also looked at the hundreds of fighting spirit bursters in the distance with fear on his face. Even the Holy Spirit would never dare to stand in front of them, so at this time, he gave the order He gave the stupidest order, and he was the first to rush out of the castle.
At this moment, very close to the Elf battle line, a group of fighting spirit lights as bright as a small sun burst out crazily. This was the royal army that had been rushing in secretly. He never broke out his fighting spirit until At this time, when he was still a hundred meters away from the Elf battle line, the fighting spirit on his body burst out crazily, turning into fighting spirit armor covering

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