e actually very disciplined. Every two thousand ghosts follow a true demon-level ghost, taking turns to attack everyone like an army. They are supposed to be free souls who rely on the strength of unity to gain the upper hand. On the contrary, because they come from all over the world and have no experience in cooperation for a while, it turns out that free souls are fighting in a melee, and ghosts are dividing and surrounding them. This situation is really weird.


Novi Tyronr, a true demon-level expert in Germany, was a member of the German army before he was alive, and he seemed to be a person with a relatively high military rank. At this moment, he frowned and looked at the attacks of those ghosts. After a long time, he said bitterly: “At least a few hundred of these ghosts are soldiers, or they were soldiers when they were humans.”
Having said this, Novi immediately shouted to the others in English: “Everyone looks for familiar partners and compatriots around him, and then runs away towards the floors. Remember to look for the familiar people around him!” After saying that, he was covered in blue light again. It broke out once, and then rushed towards the group of ghosts like a hurricane, and then a tornado-like force appeared again. That trick was used by his illusion in the dark world, but he didn’t know why, he burst out The force of the tornado was not as wide as the range used by his illusion, but the ghosts were dense at the moment. This time he almost pulled nearly a hundred ghosts into the range of his force. After a series of fierce punches, all of the hundreds of ghosts turned into standard. energy!
/On the other side, the hundreds of free souls behind him were slightly stunned, but after all, they were all extremely experienced free soul elites. They had also encountered similar situations in the fantasy land. When they were besieged by ghosts, they almost When there is hope of victory, the strongest members of the team will automatically stay to break up the rear, while the rest will retreat as quickly as possible in order to preserve the maximum strength of the entire team, so this scene is not unfamiliar to them, and then there will be a small-scale chaos. After more than ten seconds at most, groups of more than ten free souls ran toward the passages in the hall.
In this small-scale chaos, the people of the Chinese Soul Organization appeared to be the most chaotic. It’s not that they have no rules or experience, but that among the hundreds of free souls, the Chinese account for the largest proportion. After all, they had fallen before Before the attackers self-destructed, Pei Jiao used his strength to chop them all up, so the people in the Chinese Soul Organization were almost unharmed. Now they are looking for people they are familiar with and are running away. There are so many people in the Chinese Soul Organization, and naturally they are looking for them. Small scale chaos.
But this is a battlefield after all, and those ghosts attack everyone in a disciplined manner, so they naturally don’t

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dge, but Ming Ren found the flaw as soon as he came up. The seemingly simple attack cut off his escape route just right. Ming Ren’s sword moves were very meticulous, and he didn’t seek to win with one blow, but constantly The ground was approaching his critical point, which happened to be Wang Meng’s limit at this time.

The Poisonous Lotus’s three consecutive curses of locking the heart and breaking the pulse fell on Wang Meng, which completely caused him to experience severe pain and out of control, cutting off Wang Meng’s possibility of using other spells. It was only then that Mingcai opened the way with his sword energy and yelled loudly: […]


fortunately, even if he took the first step, the power of his swordsmanship was not at the same level!

With the same swordsmanship, the stronger one can defeat him! Feifeng Sword jumped suddenly, and a larger sword formation appeared, completely surrounding Wang Meng’s one. boom… boom… Although Yang Ying’s Bai Feng came later, a larger Biluo Huangquan Formation completely locked the little one. The two people’s mental pull, the competition at this time is […]