Yang Xuguang and Ren Zhen are Gong Yeyu’s old members. They were already Gong Yeyu’s partners before Pei Jiao appeared. If they can be regarded as Pei Jiao’s comrades, then their relationship with Gong Yeyu can be regarded as partners. You and your loved ones are brothers who can depend on each other for life and death!


It’s just other people, Yang Xuguang can’t accept it no matter what, the idol in his heart, the one he has always admired, the one who hates evil as much as hatred, the one who laughs boldly, the one who has the blood of thousands of men in his chest, the one who is the hero of thousands of heroes. , suddenly became such a situation, whether it was the words he said, or the fact that he was bound by original sin, no matter which one it was, Yang Xuguang could not imagine it, and he could not accept it at all.
But just as he ran out, Pei Jiao, who had finally completed the treatment, had already walked out of the light pillar. He sighed and raised his hand gently. A force as thick as a mountain had trapped Yang Xuguang, making Yang Xuguang couldn’t even move.
Yang Xuguang was stunned, but at the same time he shouted excitedly: “That’s right! Pei Jiao! If it were you, if it were you, you could definitely subdue Gong Yeyu. What kind of saint’s weapon do you have? By the way, again Cooperate with your cheating Four Symbols and Five Elements Bagua Formation, yes, and that Zhuxian Formation thing. Let’s all cooperate. Let’s work together to subdue Gong Yeyu! Let him break free from the shackles of the bullshit original sin, and then we can be like before That way, we can all stand side by side.”
“No, I can’t go back.” Pei Jiao lowered his head silently and whispered.
“Go back, can’t go back?” Yang Xuguang was stunned at first, and then yelled angrily: “What nonsense are you talking about! What do you mean you can’t go back? Why don’t you just say it, now you have a lot of status Okay, you are now the son of mankind, you are now the protagonist of the era, and you are the lord of some human city. You don’t want to lose.”
As soon as Yang Xuguang finished speaking, Ren Zhen next to him slapped him directly on the back of the head. Moreover, this slap was not a joke, but a real force. He was knocked away more than ten meters away with a bang. He hit the wall with a sound, and everyone around him was silent. Until a long time later, when Yang Xuguang stood up, he actually lowered his head and said: “I’m sorry, Pei Jiao, I said too much. I know You are not that kind of person, but the only person who can stop Gong Yeyu now is you. I beg you, stop him. This is definitely not his intention now. If he recovers and sees what he has done, he will I don’t know how painful it will be, I beg you.”
/At this point, Yang Xuguang actually knelt on his knees, and the whole person fell to his knees. Moreover, a dignified man of seven feet was crying like a tearful man. He really couldn’t stop crying.
“Don’t be like this!” Pei Jiao was also thinking about something urgently at this moment, but after all, it was imp

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