As the spell was uttered, a soft white light flew out and landed accurately on the hospital bed.


The white light exudes the breath of early spring, as if it is bringing people into the ocean of life. The body does not lie, and the strange scene made Li Mu forcefully swallow the words that came to his lips.
The scene before me really didn’t look like filming. A prank would be even more impossible. As an ordinary salaryman, Li Mu didn’t think anyone would create such a big scene for him.
“Time traveled!”
As soon as this idea emerged, a strange memory burst out of his mind. Before he could struggle, Li Mu fainted gorgeously.
“Pastor Quinn, how’s the situation in Hudson?”
A middle-aged man in rich clothes asked with concern. Next to her was a lady with red and swollen eyes, waiting for the answer with a complicated expression. There are expectations and resentments, but they are well hidden and she looks like a mother who cares about her son.
“Don’t worry, Baron Redman. God will protect his followers!
/The backlash force was successfully eliminated, and Master Hudson had awakened the life seed, but the energy consumption was too high and he temporarily fainted. ”
Pastor Quinn said slightly tiredly.
Obviously, the healing technique he just performed was not easy.
Who makes him just a junior pastor?
But as long as you are a priest, you are a high-level talent, at least in Tielun Town.
As the only priest and pharmacist in the territory, Pastor Quinn still has a lot of status. Normally, when he would treat people, he would use the medicines he had concocted to make up for his expenses, and conduct experiments on the way. Only the most important people in the territory were worthy of his magic.
“Great Lord of the Morning Bless the Hudson!”
Baron Redman said slightly excitedly, and the sadness on his face disappeared without a trace in an instant. If it weren’t for the aristocratic upbringing, I’m afraid the performance would be even more exaggerated.
After seeing off the priest, Baron Redman turned to the maid and ordered: “Take care of Hudson, and notify me immediately when he wakes up.”
Perhaps seeing that Baron Redman’s mood had improved, the noble lady on the side couldn’t help but plead: “Redman, since Hudson is fine, should you put down poor Lesoul first?”
As if he had been stabbed in the foot, Baron Redman, who was originally in a good mood, suddenly had dark clouds on his face.
“Shut up! It’s all because of your pampering. You secretly exchanged your brother’s life essence and spread the word about my Koslow family’s thousand-year reputation. This beast has completely ruined it!”
Tears are a woman’s most powerful weapon. If it were normal times, Baron Redman would have been defeated, but everything was different at this moment.
After saying that, Baron Redman walked away directly without saving any face for the Baroness.
On the hospital bed, Li Mu, who slowly woke up after merging the original owner’s memories, was finally sure that he was not dreaming.
I don’t know if he saved the universe

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