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Caesar IV, who had a great family and great business, was not so short-sighted. If there is a real shortage of labor, it will not be difficult to solve it with the royal family’s personal network.
/When interests are involved, relatives must also settle accounts clearly. The benefits and favors promised earlier were limited to sending troops to reinforce the Principality of Moxi.
If the Principality of Moxi wants the cooperation of the Alpha Kingdom and seeks greater benefits after the war, it will have to add additional money.
If you want to expand in the Aslant continent, the biggest problem is the legal system. This time the alien race is wreaking havoc, it is actually clearing the legal obstacles to expansion.
The fallen Kingdom of Warhammer, in a sense, can also be regarded as a land without one.
It is unrealistic to swallow them all, but it is still feasible to collect a large sum of money from them under the banner of supporting allies’ restoration of the country.
The restoration of the country has the greatest geopolitical impact. Among the members of the Warhammer royal family who were lucky enough to escape, whoever bids higher and has the lowest bottom line will be the future king of the East and West Warhammer Kingdom.
If the situation is a little more ugly, it would be feasible to create four or five heirs and further divide the Warhammer Kingdom.
Of course, these plans are all based on the complete victory of the human race. If the continental war fails, everything will stop.
The main reason why I had this idea at this moment was that the victory of the expeditionary force gave George confidence.
“Your Majesty, the elf army is attacking very fast.
Following the fall of the Principality of Canterloo, the royal capital of the Principality of Usta has just fallen and has now withdrawn to the mountains to resist.
The situation in the Principality of Fike is also very dangerous, and its fall is only a matter of time. The three principalities have fallen, and we will immediately face the elven army.
At this moment, deploying a large number of troops into the Warhammer Kingdom may affect the subsequent battle. It would be better to ask Marshal Hudson for his opinion first. ”
Count Martins persuaded tactfully.
The intensity of the battle was on the one hand, but the key was that all the elites of the Principality of Moxi were committed to the Auton battlefield.
Without the support of Moxi reinforcements, the Principality of Auton would have collapsed long ago, and it would be impossible to sustain it until now.
The troops remaining in the country are either newly mobilized recruits or broken troops gathered from allies drawn from the refugee ranks.
/These legions have only completed basic military training, and can barely do enough to defend the city. They are simply making do when they are sent to the front line to fight.
As the Minister of Military Affairs, Count Martins could not directly say that his army was useless, but could only tactfully object to sending troops to the

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

He hesitated, and Heshen rushed out after Nan Zhaorong. Murong Cheng followed closely behind, but without saying a word, his speed increased sharply, and he actually caught up from behind. Fly to the front. “A certain family takes the first step! Young Master, Miss, take care!” His face condensed, and his whole body suddenly lit […]