e can be copied and copied, but the treasure is unique.


Except for a few family secrets, most of the knowledge of the Leberon family is not unique.
/There are so many noble families in the continent who possess this knowledge, and adding one more owner will not have much impact.
Anyway, Hudson is not in the Principality of Moxi. The two families are thousands of miles apart, so the possibility of conflict between the two families is infinitely zero.
“Your Excellency, given the friendship between our two families, I should not refuse to borrow books.
However, due to the war, most of the books of the Leberon family could not be brought out. Although the family has backup outside, it is not in my hands.
So if you want to see it, you have to spend some time. ”
Anthony said with a complicated expression.
If you can’t refuse, you can only accept reality. Deep down in his heart, he could only keep comforting himself: using inherited knowledge in exchange for the survival of the Leberon family.
“No problem, Jazz just needs to lend me what he has in hand for a look. The rest just needs to be delivered to me within three months.
Of course, in order to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. We’d better sign a contract of friendship, and everyone in the Leblon family in the city must sign it! ”
Use the gentlest tone and say the harshest words.
Anthony’s expression changed drastically in an instant. Originally, I just wanted to use some common knowledge to supplement my knowledge and fool me. The appearance of the contract completely dispelled his luck thoughts.
Looking at the densely packed small words on the parchment that suddenly appeared, Anthony couldn’t help but curse.
The content is too detailed, and all the constraints are directed at them. The penalty for breach of contract is very simple, that is, taking away their souls.
After paying for the family inheritance, the only gain is to gain the friendship of Mr. Hudson.
As for the specific content of the friendship, there is nothing in the contract document anyway. The right of specific interpretation obviously belongs to Mr. Hudson.
The person who was about to raise an objection just glanced at Hudson’s half-smiling expression, and Anthony gave up this terrible idea in an instant.
For some reason, he couldn’t help but think back to the war a few days ago. Hudson’s expression when he shot General Beamon was very similar to now.
He preferred to believe that this was a silent warning.
Deep in his heart, a voice kept telling him that if he refused to sign the contract now, the next time they met, they wouldn’t be here.
Having the courage to sign his name on the parchment, Anthony instantly felt a little more restraint on his soul.
As expected by Hudson, the most important core inheritance is always carried with him.
After signing the contract, the Leberon family quickly sent over the inheritance they carried.
Including the secret door that was passed down by word of mouth, it was also explained clearly.
After briefly reading part of the conten

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