banquet ended early, and the ministers followed me to hold an emergency meeting.


All feudal nobles immediately return to their territories to recruit troops and wait for the call from the kingdom! ”
The words of Caesar III brought an unsatisfactory end to the banquet.
Military reports from the front line are the best hangover soup, instantly waking everyone up from their drunkenness.
/Compared with the big news about the orc invasion, no woman is worth mentioning.
Going back!
Hudson was very dissatisfied with the hasty ending of his trip to the capital. You must know that many of his plans have not yet had time to be implemented.
There was someone in the court who wanted to be an official, and an opportunity to make connections and build a network was lost early.
If you don’t rush this kind of thing, making friends too deliberately will only make people feel disgusted.
Early the next morning, Hudson and a group of nobles from the Southeast Province set out to return, without even having time to say goodbye to Melissa.
The war is coming, everything must serve the war, and no one has time to be pretentious.
Hudson could only entrust the matters in the royal capital to be handled by his clansmen. At this time, we can only believe in the power of the family.
The Koslow family has been in decline for many years, but all the connections left by the ancestors have not been severed.
It turned out that we didn’t have much contact. It was because as a down-and-out relative, I was too embarrassed to come to my door.
After all, the world of aristocrats is real. Everyone will only play with the same kind of people who are of the same level and have strong connections.
If a small nobleman insists on squeezing his way into the upper class circle, he will only be annoying. Even if it is an in-law relationship, it will become impatient after a long time.
There is an unequal status. With the passing of the older generation, there are naturally fewer people walking around directly, but the etiquette exchanges have not stopped.
Now that the Koslow family is back, Hudson, who lacks connections, naturally wants to pick up this family legacy.
I don’t expect to get much help, at least someone will lead the way to avoid random collisions.
There are no accidents. The relationships that can be maintained to this day are basically the original close relatives.
If it were later, I guess this last connection would slowly disappear in the years.
In the Orc Empire, Crown Prince Alex’s camp has arrived at the front line.
Emperor Beamon’s stance was too firm. Alex, whose arms couldn’t hold his thighs, had no choice but to go to the front line to command the army.
After all, after decades of neglect, even if it is just acting, it can become a living habit imprinted on the body.
Alex felt uncomfortable all over after leaving Yingying Yanyan in the mansion. Especially entering the military camp to command the army made him feel physically and mentally exhausted.
“Butzweig, the meeting in front of the five royal families is abou

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