t. A country that is often beaten is not so attractive to nobles.


Especially fiefdoms, which are basically on the front line. If you want to defend your own territory, you must fight the orcs desperately.
Most of the nobles who obtained their fiefs fell on the battlefield under the baptism of the orc army one after another.
There were many cases of failure, and the great nobles of various countries who had learned the lesson gradually gave up the idea of ​​opening branches in the Alpha Kingdom.
The land that was once awarded as a reward, after several turnovers, finally returned to the hands of the Alpha Kingdom.
There are ready-made cases, so Chris IX naturally wants to follow suit. Although the success rate of fooling people is not high, it never hurts to give it a try.
Anyway, the war has been going on so far, and many unclaimed lands have appeared in the Principality of Moxi. If this fight continues, there will only be more ownerless land.
There was no problem in fulfilling the fiefdom promise after the war. On the contrary, it is the finances in gold, silver and jewelry that are really difficult to cash out.
In the Warhammer Kingdom, Joseph II was furious as he watched the orc army constantly testing its borders.
It was clearly agreed that everyone would join forces to counterattack, but as a result, they were ready to take action, but the Moxi Principality was immediately blocked and had to wait for reinforcements from various countries to arrive.
The reinforcements from neighboring countries did not wait, but the orc reinforcements arrived first.
/Although the orcs’ military strength was far from enough for the battle to destroy the country, it also put great pressure on the Warhammer Kingdom.
In order not to irritate the orcs, Joseph II even ordered the frontline troops to prohibit active provocation.
From a military perspective, this is a very funny order.
The two countries have been at war for almost half a year, and it is really ridiculous that they still use the word “provocation”.
But there is no way, the Warhammer Kingdom is no match for the orc army. Once the orcs are angered, they will be burned and the country will be destroyed.
“The Human Alliance meeting is about to start. Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have a strategy to convince the human countries to send troops and reinforcements as soon as possible?”
Joseph II asked expectantly.
Looking at the efficiency of several neighbors in rescuing the Principality of Moxi, we know that it will definitely take a long time for the entire human alliance to take action.
Referring to alliance meetings in history, they can last for one or two months, and can last for three to five years.
Fortunately, we are now conquering the world. If we had played like this when we were conquering the world, I guess the human race would have been left in the cold.
Just holding a meeting can be so procrastinating, but there is no need to count on the efficiency of specific execution.
All parties reached an agreement within half a year and sent r

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