s younger brother’s head. Go up, if the family hadn’t discovered it early, I’m afraid my brother would have died like this.


s younger brother’s head. Go up, if the family hadn’t discovered it early, I’m afraid my brother would have died like this.
From then on, Wang Longchuan said that something would happen to Wang Cheng sooner or later.
When he said this, Wang Longchuan didn’t look like a murderer at all, but more like a loving father, with his tone and expression as if he was complaining about an unfulfilled son. But when he said this, he suddenly changed his tone and said: “So after this incident, I started to torture him, not because he was angry for doing such a thing to his brother, but because I I feel that since an apple is rotten, let it rot completely. Since Wang Cheng already has such a twisted mentality, I think it should be more twisted, because sooner or later something will happen to this person. Since something is going to happen, You can’t do somersaults over small things. If you want to do something big, you should do something big, right?”
If I thought he was a loving father before, now he has completely turned into a pervert and is not a normal person at all. Human, I didn’t interrupt him or interrupt. Although I had a lot of doubts, I continued to listen to him and recorded everything he said in the notebook.
/Of course, the whole process was videotaped, but not through surveillance, but through recording, which was what he requested.
When Wang Longchuan said this, he continued: “I used many extreme methods to stimulate him, so he began to become introverted and sensitive. More importantly, he was always thinking about how to retaliate against those who offended him a little bit. Man, I always know what he is thinking, because what is thinking in his mind is given to him by me. I can see through his eyes how he kills those he hates, and I can hear his heart. Scream.”
/When he said this, he couldn’t help laughing, and then he looked into my eyes and said to me seriously: “He succeeded in the end, didn’t he? He did a case that shocked the whole country. Although In the end, he was sentenced to death, but he achieved something for himself.”
Hearing this, I suddenly felt something was wrong. It seemed that he was not talking about Wang Cheng, but Yin Yu.
So I looked at him and corrected him: “You confused Wang Cheng with Yin Yu.”
While saying this, I began to wonder if he had some mental problems, and during this period, We didn’t even think of conducting a mental evaluation on him, because based on his previous performance, we had no idea whether he had any mental disorder.
But my correction was quickly corrected by him. He looked at me seriously and said: “I didn’t get confused. It was always you who got confused, because Yin Yu is Wang Cheng, and I planned to kill him from Wang Cheng.” Since then, I have made a decision to swap their identities and move away from the place where they grew up. From then on, Wang Cheng became my younger brother. In order to conceal their identities, I changed his identity to his younger brother’s. The name was changed to follow Wang Cheng’s mother’s surname of Yin, so

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