he temple.


“I know, I will hold back my strength!” Bishop Kingsley, the fifth-level bishop, said impatiently.
The figure of the fifth-level Bishop Kingsley flashed to the hatch. He opened the hatch and flew out first. The fifth-level Bishop Aldous shook his head and also flew out.
The two fifth-level bishops flew forward at full speed. In space, they could already see the guardian star in front of them. The direction they were flying was in the direction of the guardian star.
There is only one main city in the guardian planet. It was originally extremely desolate. After the baptism of war and the destruction of the Zerg, it is extremely difficult to see even green on the planet.
However, the current main city guarding the star is completely different from before.
There are wide streets and numerous shops here. Of course, the shops here are not retail, but wholesale transactions of various items.
Many supplies on the battle star will be transferred in the main city of the guardian star, and the Interstellar Federation consortium also uses the convenience of the diplomatic office to carry out legal procedures to carry out commercial activities on the guardian star.
Although the types of materials traded by the Interstellar Federation Consortium are strictly controlled, the Divine World has too many products that are different from those of the Interstellar Federation, which has allowed it to grow in scale in a short period of time.
The construction of this main city is also the goodwill of the Interstellar Federation Consortium.
In the center of the main city is a brand new castle. This castle is made of steel and was also built by the Interstellar Federation.
There are two Templars stationed in the castle. The Dexter Templar and the Nelson Templar have been stationed on the planet for several years, during which they have experienced several wars.
The Knights Templar Dexter and Knight Templar Nelson did not live in the main building of the castle, but lived in the left and right side buildings respectively.
/In the main building of the castle, the legendary lord Morley is practicing. He is the clone of David. He usually has no other leisure activities except practicing.
The appearance of the legendary Lord Morley here was arranged by Speaker Gould.
David’s twelve legendary knights have all become lords and have their own territories. However, those planets are almost all undeveloped planets. Although they are also planets suitable for human survival, without long-term transformation and construction, those leading stars will not be able to survive at all. not available.
Speaker Gould cannot let these twelve legendary lords stay in Shining Star. That would be a huge waste of legendary combat power.
He sent ten legendary lords to ten important planets to prevent those important planets from being affected by the evil god.
The Guardian Star is one of them, but Speaker Gould has never made this news public. Even the only people on the Guardian Star who know the identity of Morley’s legendary lord are Dext

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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