n be very powerful or very fragile.


Aemilius listened quietly, and his expression could not be seen to have changed in the dim room, but the fact that he did not interrupt or ask questions in the middle can also explain something about the situation.
After a few seconds of silence, he calmly spoke:
“The mysterious person who invades your dream emphasizes the fate of the times and the trend.”
“Yes.” Klein had restored Gehrman Sparrow’s face and did not bother to explain that the mysterious man had not mentioned Auston Leavitt’s specific plan.
Amyrius was silent again and said:
“You remain like me in your dreams”
“Yes, this is my secret.” Klein replied concisely.
Amyrius nodded inconspicuously, walked a few steps silently in a small area, looked at Gehrman Sparrow again and said:
“Your choice is no problem.”
/Hearing these words, Klein seemed to have received the most effective feedback in the end, and a lot of the potion in his body was digested.
As the deep voice echoed, Amyrius turned sideways, looked out the window, and said without emotion:
“I originally didn’t plan to sign a contract with the substitute. Instead, I planned to tell Cynthia that there were signs of losing control and I wouldn’t be able to get close to her within five days. But then some reasons made me change my mind.”
Without the forcible restrictions of the temporary contract, even if I could persevere in the usual temptation, I couldn’t resist the enlarged desire last night.
Of course, if Cynthia knew the 5-day limit in advance, she would not rush to take the powder ground out of the “Reproduction Necklace”, and thus would not sense the “Mother Tree of Desire” and cause mutations. But in this way, the initiative lies with the Celestial Sect. , they can find other excuses to make Cynthia take
This matter is really aimed at me. What exactly does the “Mother Tree of Desire” want to do, and what is the reason that made Admiral Amyrius make such crucial changes? Klein vaguely grasped the key point. Looking at Amyrius’ profile, he said:
“what reason”
Amyrius spoke without any expression:
/“you do not need to know.”
After thinking for a while, he took out the broken pendant and threw it to Amyrius:
“This is the fertility necklace originating from the Mother Tree of Desire.”
Amyrius raised his hand to catch it, glanced down and said:
“You can leave.
“Go to Bilt and collect your reward.”
Aren’t you worried that I know something that I shouldn’t know? That’s right. Auston’s plot has been exposed and known to their political opponents, and Aimilius was clearly not involved. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether I know or not. Klein I thought there would be a long-term confidentiality contract, but who knew I could just leave like this.
Seeing that Amyrius did not take the initiative to mention another matter, he pointed at the other party and said:
Admiral Aimilius then raised his head and silently took off the tuxedo formal suit that included a shirt and vest.
Klein originally wanted to use the reason that the difficul

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