Old Neil said with a smile.


Klein was immediately surprised:
“not here”
Old Neil held the small silver box and clicked his tongue:
/“There is no room here to practice ritual magic.”
Klein didn’t ask any more questions and followed Old Neil back to the ground. Then, the two took a public carriage all the way to the outskirts of the North District.
Old Neil’s home is a single-family house, with roses, golden mint and other “materials” planted in the front garden.
Upon entering, there is a carpeted porch with two high-back chairs and an umbrella stand.
Through the porch is a spacious living room. The walls are covered with light-colored wallpaper, the floor is painted dark brown, a small rug with a printed pattern is spread in the middle, and a heavy round table is placed.
The round table is surrounded by comfortable banquettes, chairs, and a piano.
“My late wife loved music very much.” Old Neil pointed to the piano and mentioned casually, “The sofa and coffee table are in the living room. Our ritual magic today will be in the living room.”
“Okay.” Klein replied somewhat cautiously.
Old Neil put down the small silver box, smiled and said:
“I will first demonstrate a ritual magic to you. Please pay attention to observation and memory.”
While he was talking, he took out a piece of imitation parchment from the small silver box and drew strange patterns on it with specially prepared black ink with a tranquil scent.
Klein looked at it again and again, and found that Old Neil seemed to be drawing a bill.
After Old Neil filled in the number “30” and the corresponding “pound” symbol in the corresponding position, Klein could no longer control himself and asked in confusion and confusion:
“Mr. Neil, what ritual magic are you going to perform?”
Old Neil coughed twice and replied very seriously:
“I’m going to use magic to solve that 30 pound debt today.”
That’s fine too. Klein’s eyes widened and his mouth was half-opened.
Solve your bills with magic
Should we directly curse the creditor to death, or should we forge banknotes?
I can’t solve the problem, but I can solve you
All kinds of thoughts were jumping in Klein’s mind, and the look he looked at Old Neil felt a little strange.
He seriously considered the possibility of calling the police, no, notifying the Nighthawks.
/Old Neil glanced at him and said angrily:
“In your eyes, I see ignorance, stupidity, and weak and shameful trust. Didn’t Dunn tell you the motto of a spy? Do whatever you want, but do no harm.”
“Although this motto was first spread from within a secretive and evil organization, the Moss Ascetic Order, the extraordinary people who chose the path of the secret peepers have used their own experiences to prove that it is correct. As long as it is strictly followed and With awe, the risk of losing control is minimized, and the reverse is also true.”
“Your suspicion is an insult to me and the spy.”
“I’m sorry.” Klein apologized without hesitation.
He did forget this adage that Dunn Smith once mentioned.
Old Neil was not really angry, and

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