clown corresponding to the potion. He asked me to help get the Antigonus family’s notes. Yes, he said secret The Order has mastered the sequence path corresponding to the diviner’s potion, and said that he himself was once a diviner.”


Klein recounted the situation in detail, and even described his inner reasoning in an orderly manner, including his belief that it would be extremely risky for the Tuxedo Clown to divine and take the notes, so he changed his strategy.
Of course, all the truth was to cover up the first lie, to cover up the fact that he was controlled by the sealed object “2049”.
“There is a huge risk in divination and taking the notes, yes, it is indeed a huge risk, but this risk actually lies with you.” The black-haired lady Luo Luota covered her mouth and chuckled, “His divination was right, but it turned out that He’s put in mortal danger and it’s a really interesting thing.”
/Klein was startled for a moment, then solemnly nodded and said:
“Indeed, divination is never too clear, and ambiguity means the interpretation may be wrong.”
Well, I have to pay attention to this
“How did you deal with him after that?” Dunn stretched his arms and leaned back slightly.
Klein smiled and said:
“I pretended to agree to him and asked him to wake me up, but he didn’t dare to enter the area of ??influence of the sealed object. He tried to push me with strange notes from two or three meters away.”
“Seizing this opportunity, I grabbed the note and pulled him towards the scope of influence of 2049. With continuous shooting, I accomplished my goal. Ha, this was something that made me ashamed. I didn’t have any confidence at the time. Hit him from a distance of two or three metres.”
Al nodded lightly and said:
“With his ability to evade, a distance of two or three meters is not absolutely safe. You may be able to hit him, but if you can’t hit the vital point, then things will be troublesome. Your choice at that time was not wrong, and it was even excellent. If it were me , not necessarily better than you.”
He didn’t ask about what happened next, because the tuxedo clown who fell into the control of the sealed object “2049” was already destined to end up as a living target.
“It’s really strange that the follow-up to the fortune teller is the clown,” Dunn suddenly exclaimed from the side.
Elhassen echoed:
“Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that the follow-up of the fortune teller will be the clown. According to normal logic, no one would connect them.
“Is this strange? I remember many sequence potions, and there is no necessary connection between them.” The black-haired lady Luoluota covered her mouth and yawned. It could be seen that her injuries were serious, so much so that “goddess” “The gaze” also made it difficult for her to maintain her strong energy.
“No, Loretta, this is completely different. Even if there is no connection between other sequence potions, we can still find certain similarities in other aspects, but not the fortune teller and the clown. I can’t understand it at all.” Elhassen He

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