ol”, trying to get a glimpse of the truth of the matter from the reaction of this hidden existence. However, in the thick gray fog, The Fool is as calm as ever.


“Justice” Audrey, who also had no gain, paused and continued:
/“The victim was the rich man Caping. Many rumors identified him as the biggest human trafficker in Backlund. The knight-errant Black Emperor sneaked into his villa, took his life, and rescued many innocent girls imprisoned in the dungeon.
/“When Capin’s body was found, it was covered with a deck of tarot cards with the faces of Judgment and Emperor.”
She didn’t mention the safe because she didn’t think it was important.
Covered with tarot cards, this is the action logo of our Tarot Club. Wait a minute, “Human Trafficker” and “The Hanged Man” Alger keenly captured a phrase.
He turned thoughtfully to the top of the long bronze table and asked humbly:
“Mr. Fool, Kapin is related to the disappearance of colonial slaves”
The latter was a task assigned to him by the Church of Storms. He once targeted a suspect named Barron and asked “Justice”, “Magician” and “World” in Backlund to help pay attention.
Therefore, when he heard “human traffickers”, Alger intuitively believed that there was a certain connection with the phenomenon that many tribes in the southern continent disappeared out of thin air and many slaves escaped from many islands in the Sunia Sea.
He believed that only things that seemed to contain some secrets could interest Mr. Fool.
Of course, it cannot be ruled out that Mr. Fool’s favored actions were completed independently. He cannot wait for everything to be arranged, just like the manipulated puppet “The Hanged Man” Alger thought.
Kaping is related to the recent disappearance of colonial slaves. If you think about it carefully, this possibility cannot be ruled out. There are four extraordinary people in his villa, which is abnormal in itself. Even if a rich man like him hires extraordinary people as bodyguards, , or at most a configuration of one Sequence 7 plus two Sequence 8 or Sequence 9. At that time, Heras, including magical items, was equivalent to a strong Sequence 5 expert. Klein was reminded by the words of “The Hanged Man”, I thought of a lot at once and felt that things could be vaguely connected.
However, he was not sure of his guess, so he could only skip the question of “The Hanged Man” and chuckled:
“My beloved has made some insignificant contribution in this matter.”
Sure enough, “Justice” Audrey cheered in her heart with bright eyes.
“The Hanged Man” Alger believed that Mr. Fool’s words indirectly proved his guess:
Kaping, this human trafficker, is definitely not a simple human trafficker, otherwise he would not have let a secretly existing favored person take action. There is a high probability that the non-simple human trafficker has some connection with the non-simple disappearance of slaves.
Before Miss Justice could speak, Klein tapped the edge of the ancient table with his fingers and added in a leisurely tone:
“He harvested the legacy characterist

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