back the specialness and power given to them, and gave it to humans.


“After that, He fell asleep again and left a prophecy:
“When madness, cruelty, greed, indulgence, indifference, and bloodlust flood the earth again, He will wake up and take back everything.
/“As he spoke, the priest clutched the cross pendant on his chest and prayed silently.
“This kind of myth is completely different from the one in the church classics. There is a lot worth pondering, and it is a bit interesting.”
“On October 15th, one day after I returned to Trier, I realized that I had not asked the priest his name.
Then, he raised his head and looked at Ms. Hermit:
“Say it.”
“Hermit” Cattleya immediately lowered her head and said:
“Dear Mr. Fool, I want to know where the heart and spirit of Emperor Russell are. Is it on that island or deep in the starry sky?”
The original island where Green’s death surprised the Emperor. It seems that the Emperor paid great attention to this island in his later period. Even the “Queen of Mystery” Bernadette at that time was aware of it.
What does the depth of the starry sky mean? Star Realm or other planets. The emperor behaved too far ahead of his times in many places, so his daughter suspected that he was an alien.
Although this is a bit absurd, it is very logical. After all, many studies have proved that this is a planet and the sun is a star. Beyond this, there is the infinite universe and countless star systems. How should I answer this? It is impossible to directly talk about time travel. But he couldn’t say anything about it. Klein pondered for a moment, shook his head with a smile and said:
Not the “Hermit” Cattleya chewed on Mr. Fool’s answer, and suddenly she didn’t understand the true meaning of the question just now.
She originally thought that the destination of Emperor Russell’s mind and spirit must involve philosophical or mystical factors. For example, “that island” refers to the kingdom of the gods he believes in, and “the depths of the starry sky” imply the “star realm” It means that Emperor Russell only believed in his own super-ego and aimed directly at the throne of God. As a result, Mr. Fool said that it was not the case. This also denied almost all possibilities and made people unable to think of other answers.
Maybe what the Queen wants to ask is not what I understand. Mr. Fool’s answer points to another meaning. It doesn’t matter whether I can figure it out. I am just a prop for their communication. Cattleya sighed in her heart and saluted sincerely:
“Thank you for your answer.”
The other members of the Tarot Club were even more confused about the question and answer. Although they knew the cause and could understand the specific meaning of the soul and spiritual destination, they were completely unable to connect it with the “island” and “the depths of the starry sky”. Together, everyone has their own interpretations and guesses, but they feel that they are far from the correct answer.
In the subconscious thoughts of “Magician” Forsi, “that island” may b

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