ct Leonard’s ability to use his expertise in this mysterious space.


“I hope he can get rid of Pales Zoroastrian’s parasitism step by step.” Klein suddenly sighed.
The reason why he let Leonard join the Tarot Club was to help his teammate become stronger and escape the shadow brought by Pales Zoroastrian little by little.
If the angel in the path of the “thief” has no ill intentions, let Leonard help him hide it from Amon and help him recover. Otherwise, force him to find another parasitic partner.
Looking back, Klein thought for a moment, threw the potion formula of “Hunter” Path Sequence 6 “Conspirator” into the light spot representing Daniz, and ordered him to leave in the tone of Gehrman Sparrow. Southern Continent, return to the “Golden Dream”.
“The compound eyes of a hunting black spider, the brain of a lion.” Daniz recalled what he had just “seen” and stood up happily.
He decided to say goodbye to Anderson Hood immediately and escape from the dangerous southern continent.
Arriving at the door of the strongest hunter in the Sea of ??Mist, he knocked lightly and saw the wooden door opening back.
Anderson didn’t close the door
Daniz was surprised for a while, and quickly turned his gaze, only to see Anderson holding a short blade and making gestures on his stomach.
Daniz was startled and blurted out:
“Sorry to bother you”
Before he finished speaking, he stretched out his palm to grab the handle and dragged the door to where he was.
The wooden door closed before his eyes, making a sound that echoed through the corridor.
It was only then that Daniz finally reacted:
“What was I doing just now?
“What is Anderson doing?”
He took off the black boxing gloves like a reflex, frowned and thought hard for a while, and finally decided to return to his room, pack his luggage, and prepare to leave.
As for what Anderson wanted to do, although he was curious, he always felt that something was wrong with this matter and planned not to get involved to avoid falling into a trap.
The captain said that we should remain in awe of the unknown, so I had to stay away. Just as Daniz was about to turn around, he suddenly heard the sound of the lock cylinder being twisted, and saw the wooden door opening back.
Anderson, whose shirt was unbuttoned, walked out with the black and irrelevant short blade and looked at Daniz with a slightly complicated expression:
“Aren’t you trying to stop me?”
Daniz keenly sensed the opportunity to ridicule, and immediately laughed and said:
“This is your freedom.
/“If you didn’t make a will, I’d be rich.”
Anderson raised his hand and rubbed his cheek:
“Aren’t you curious about what happened to me?”
Daniz glanced at him suspiciously:
“I always feel like you have a conspiracy.”
Anderson laughed and said:
“It’s like this. I was captured before and put into a strange plasma soaked with various materials. After a long period of erosion, they formed a strange cocoon in my body. This would be very harmful to the hunter. The high-sequence strong players in the pathway have a certa

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