ng in the air. He is the earth and the night. It was the cold wind blowing across my cheeks.


ng in the air. He is the earth and the night. It was the cold wind blowing across my cheeks.
Before today, I had never thought about what the Tao was, and I had never considered what the Dharma was. But after today, I finally realized that I had not even taken that step on the path of cultivation.
I felt like I couldn’t move. Fear lingered in my heart, and my legs trembled involuntarily. If I hadn’t still had the will to support me, I might have fallen to my knees in the next second.
When I was a kid, I got into fights with kids who were in a grade above me. Later, when I grew up, I never felt this way when facing big people who were better than myself. Before that, I always felt that I still had the strength to fight and knew that I could still fight them. Today, when I face Zhong Ba8, I have only one feeling in my mind. Just fear.
The black skull in the Tianxie Wandering Talisman also felt unprecedented pressure, and kept repeating a sentence in my ear: “Run!”
Its voice was like an alarm, and the sentence “Run” became my A single,harsh sound in my ears.
But I didn’t turn around because I didn’t dare.
/Behind him, the sky began to tear apart. I didn’t know if there was something wrong with my eyes or if there were really cracks in the dark night. One after another crisscrossed my eyes, and light shone through the cracks. All the lights connected at one point and turned into a huge glowing hand, which slowly pressed down on me.
It came to wake me up, and it also came to crush the ridiculous pride in my heart.
/“Run. Ba Xiaoshan! Run!” The black skull yelled at me desperately, even transforming into a huge black air to block the top of my head at this moment. I felt like I was in another world, and there was even a revolving light in front of my eyes.
The light fell little by little, seemingly very slowly, but in fact it was very fast.
“This is the Dharma.” Such a thought popped up in my already confused mind for no reason. I also know why Zhong Ba said that “try your best” because he really had to put in a lot of effort to control himself and not kill me.
The black skeleton faced the light and was ready to be destroyed.
Today, the Miyun Reservoir was illuminated by a strange light. I seemed to hear the wind stop and everything became quiet. The light in front of him converged into a white streak, and he could see nothing but witness his own death.
At the moment when the light was about to fall, a cry came. The light stopped very close to my body. Old man Tao rushed up with his people. When he saw this scene, he immediately shouted to Zhong Ba: “Don’t stop yet!”
Zhong Ba said indifferently: “It’s just a duel between me and him. What does it have to do with you?” What?”
Old man Tao was accompanied by Yue Cheng. Yue Cheng became much more indifferent. He looked at me who was already frightened and the Black Skull who was ready to die at any moment. He said to Zhong Ba: “This is Sha Lao’s order. Ba Xiaoshan cannot be hurt.
” After a pause, his eyes showed reluctance, but he still

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

He hesitated, and Heshen rushed out after Nan Zhaorong. Murong Cheng followed closely behind, but without saying a word, his speed increased sharply, and he actually caught up from behind. Fly to the front. “A certain family takes the first step! Young Master, Miss, take care!” His face condensed, and his whole body suddenly lit […]