n this holy land of Onmyoji?”


n this holy land of Onmyoji?”
“You don’t know this. This was originally a temple, which existed before the Ashiya family moved here. The Ashiya family moved this place After buying a piece of land, we did not demolish the temple, but discussed with the monks here to move the high temple here and keep the temple door open as usual.” .
After crossing the mountain gate and looking inside, the first thing I saw was a silver three-story pagoda located in the center of the temple! Because the Gaomiao is not a big place, the three-story silver pagoda is very conspicuous when you walk in. The silver pagoda covered with thick white snow looks like a pure white statue. The first floor is about four meters high, and the third floor is twelve meters high. The diameter of the first floor is about seven or eight meters. Auspicious beasts are carved on the edges of each floor of the pagoda. And different gods and demons are carved on each side of the stone walls around the pagoda!
Although the entire pagoda is not as big as I imagined, it does not seem to be as complicated as the underground treasure house of the Abe family. But after a few more glances, you will understand that the pagoda in front of you is not simple!
/Except for the soul protection and blessings I saw. The gods and demons engraved on every face of this pagoda also release strong magic power. Once these magic powers are activated, the Ashiya family’s pagoda will seem to be protected by countless gods and demons. Not to mention that it is difficult for mortals to approach, even top-notch experts must carefully consider the idea of ????taking advantage of this treasure house.
“Compared to the Abe family’s underground treasure house, the Ashiya family’s pagoda gives me a more powerful feeling.” I said bluntly.
/“Let’s go!” Jun Yan patted my shoulder. We walked to the entrance of the pagoda. Several monks were casting spells to open the barrier protecting the pagoda. When the spell was completed, the stone door at the entrance of the pagoda made a muffled sound. Then he slowly opened it inward.
“They said there is no time limit, but of course you can’t stay in there all day. You can only take one thing when you come out. The ancestors of the Ashiya family will watch you in secret. If you do anything that goes beyond the limits, they will I won’t let you go.” After the former Riyulang relayed the words of the monk who opened the door, everyone stood on both sides. I looked into the stone door and thought to myself: I got Abe Seimei’s personal jade pendant at Abe’s house, but I don’t know what I can get in this pagoda? If you can get Ashiya Domitsu’s magic weapon, that will be a profit.
“Okay, thank you very much.” I thanked with a smile, and then walked into the pagoda. The moment I stepped through the stone door, I really felt like I had entered some kind of enchantment, and there was a feeling of being surrounded by something on my back. The feeling of being stared at in the dark. It seems that the monk’s words are not a threat. There are really thin

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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