confidence in defeating Maxim.


Times have changed so fast. My younger brother, who used to be just hanging around, has now become a strong man.
What’s even more disgusting is that this little overlord of Dragon Island actually dares to rebel against her.
In the past, it was always her who beat Maxim, whenever it was her turn to be beaten.
“Barbara, you female tyrannosaurus should leave as soon as you recover. This is my territory and you are not welcome!”
A familiar voice came from outside, and Barbara, who had been holding back her resentment, became furious again.
If she hadn’t been unable to defeat Maxim, she would have rushed out to give this bratty brother some color.
/“Little bully, my aunt is here and won’t leave. If you can, kill me.
Barbara’s complaint seemed to awaken Maxim’s horrific memories, and his face became increasingly gloomy.
“That’s enough Barbara!
/You still have the nerve to say, if I hadn’t taken the blame for you, how could my reputation in Long Island be so bad?
However, some dragons were not only ungrateful, but shamelessly nicknamed me “Little Bully”, causing me to be laughed at by my playmates for hundreds of years!
The two dragons exposed each other’s shortcomings, and Hudson once again became a crowd-pleaser. Bear Stearns on the side even secretly took out the magic crystal and began to record this historical moment.
It is conceivable that in future quarrels, Maxim, who is covered in black material, will most likely suffer again.
Neither Hudson nor Lilia Ander spoke to stop it. It was better to watch two dragons quarreling than to watch two dragons fight.
It’s just a literary fight, even if it lasts for three to five months, it doesn’t matter. Anyway, the dragon’s lifespan is long enough, and these two dragons can afford to spend it.
The only trouble is: the progress of Warcraft reproduction is setback.
With Barbara causing trouble, Maxim can’t do anything serious now.
“Dear Lilia Ander, I think you should find a way to persuade Barbara to leave!
If the two siblings continue to make trouble like this, I’m afraid it won’t be over until this time next year. ”
Hudson said helplessly.
Outsiders simply cannot get involved in the family ethics drama of “the father-in-law is right when he speaks to the public, and the mother-in-law is right when she speaks to the mother-in-law.”
The siblings can expose each other and stab each other. If an outsider joins in and joins the team, there is a high probability that they will be beaten by the two dragons together.
“Your Majesty Marshal, all I can say is give it a try. But Barbara is also stubborn, so I’m afraid it won’t have much effect!
Mr. Maxim, it would be best for you to give him some advice. Being in such a stalemate, Barbara might not be able to lose face. ”
Lilia Ander said with a troubled expression.
Everyone is a dragon knight, and from Lilia Ander’s point of view, the two of them are completely connected by the same fate.
“You are distinguished in front of others, but you suffer behind others!” After reaping th

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