igh school of Huaqing Affiliated High School just because of the big fat brother?


igh school of Huaqing Affiliated High School just because of the big fat brother?
Xiaoyu looked at Zhao Song and asked: “Brother, who are you looking for? ”
Zhao Song: “Guanyin Bodhisattva!”
“Bang! ” “The car door was slammed shut, almost hitting Zhao Song’s head.
“Ouch~! “Zhao Song looked at Xiao Yu who walked away proudly.
An hour later, Zhao Song, wearing a sweater, stepped into Zhonghai inconspicuously. After
a casual walk around, he found ten units being assembled. Among the consoles, at least three were using Shenzhou board products, and even two were red and black Republic of Gamers motherboards. Zhao Songcai happily hummed a tune and came to the office with great satisfaction,
“Sister, good morning. ”
“Good morning! “Sister Da Da raised her head and asked with a smile: “Have you changed your car? My little bully didn’t see your Mercedes-Benz on the way to school, and he was unhappy for a long time. ”
Hehe~” Zhao Song was silly and didn’t answer.
Sister Dada didn’t care. Looking at his cheerful expression, she said teasingly: “Looks like he’s in a good mood.”
“Of course not bad! ” “Zhao Song smiled and nodded: “Shenzhou’s speed is unexpectedly fast. Sister, who do you put your shares in Shenzhou? Don’t let others get greedy for their money? ”
/Sister Da Da rolled her eyes beautifully, ignored Zhao Song’s teasing, and handed a newspaper to him.
“There is also good news, take a look. ”
Zhao Song took off his hoodie, put on the Haitian Xiangyun uniform, took the newspaper and read it seriously.
“Breaking news: According to insiders, Huashi is about to bid farewell to the home computer field.
/After the Long Xiaoxiao incident and the departure of Zheng Nan, the head of the PC division, Huashi suffered a heavy setback in the field of home computers as many brands joined the promotion war.
As of 18:00 yesterday afternoon, Huashi’s sales in the Beijing retail market were only seven units. ”
The IT market is full of heroes, each leading the way for three or five days. Some fall into disgrace, some fail to recover, and some emerge from the same market. General-purpose products, but have vastly different destinies. In order to survive, In order to develop, IT manufacturers have to adjust their strategies in a timely manner, or reposition themselves, or expand their scale, or change their models. This is all normal. However, market changes are always independent of human will. Taiwan-based companies such as China Stone and Volkswagen Enterprise is the best lesson!
Although the Chinese mainland market has great potential, the competition was extremely fierce at that time, especially when alternative brands such as Tesla and Shenzhou were rising strongly.
At the same time, for ordinary consumers who do not understand IT technology, the power of brand is more important than technical advantages. Whoever has a famous brand has high-quality products.
The defeat of Huashi is not so much a strategic adjustment under the offensive of Tesla and Shenzhou Technology, but rather a punis

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