hank you, no thank you~”


hank you, no thank you~”
Director Zhao smiled broadly.
Picking up the phone, Xiaoyu pressed the number skillfully, beeped, and was picked up by the other party.
“Sister Yingzhu, that’s the number.”
Liao Yingzhu may be the only person who Xiaoyu can call sister.
“Press the receive button.”
It wasn’t until the documents were printed out one by one that Liao Yingzhu on the phone said, “Xiaoyu, the text message Zhao Song sent me was blind typed. He is in trouble. ” Can you send this information to him now?” ”
should be possible~”
Xiao Yu hesitated and looked back at Director Zhao: “Uncle Zhao said that I can go anywhere with the bear in my arms these two days.” What the hell?
On the phone, Liao Yingzhu did not pursue the details and said quickly: “Xiao Yu, send it to your brother as quickly as possible!”
………………… …
In the large conference room, Zhao Song was indeed in trouble.
Six years ago, a mainland private company obtained the approval document to be listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. A month later, when the countdown to its listing entered, the boss of the company suddenly made a decision that surprised everyone. Decision: Give up the listing.
No other entrepreneur who grows flowers will make such a decision, and this scale is acceptable to the whole world!
That private enterprise is called Shenshi Feilong, and that boss is named Jiang Wei!
The reason is that during the listing and packaging process, Xiangjiang Law Firm asked Jiang Wei more than 2,870 questions, and the guy didn’t answer more than half of them.
So, facing the regulated Hong Kong stock market, the boss who was rated as the most poetic retreated.
Who knows, Zhao Song refused to comment on this, and he didn’t even bother to scold them with “Shabi”. He didn’t even have a good impression of these health care product merchants who rubbed consumers’ IQs to the ground!
At this time, Zhao Song was sitting quietly, with a slight sweat on his forehead. Opposite him, there were many heads and officials gathered.
He thought of the 2870 questions that Jiang Wei had encountered. Before that, he had specially prepared 3,000 answers to questions in order to deal with the three major investment banks tomorrow. Unexpectedly, he would use them now.
He knew that this was no longer an interview, but an opportunity for him, who had never attended any meetings of government organizations, to have a dialogue with the government.
/However, something unexpected happened at this opportunity. He knew that maybe even the Shang Hai government was a bit surprised.
Looking at the scrutiny, suspicion, and distrust of the experts, reporters, and professors opposite, Zhao Song shook his head gently and smiled bitterly: These people are quite resistant to the 21-year-old him serving as the president of a tens of billions of companies!
I rubbed my still red eyes, it was not because I had nowhere to vent my grievances, it was because of the relaxation after meeting the senior officials and more than

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