ere in love. There is no need to eat Liuwei Dihuang Pills or beer + big kidneys when carrying a bag.


ere in love. There is no need to eat Liuwei Dihuang Pills or beer + big kidneys when carrying a bag.
Physical labor is the simplest job in adult society. It does not require the use of your brain, you just need to work hard all the time. The muscles form a unique memory. A bottle of beer after get off work, or a dip in a large pool every now and then, and a good night’s sleep will heal your body. All energy can be restored.
Xizi didn’t want to live as tiredly as Zhao Song.
Zhao Song didn’t wait for Xizi to speak, and pulled him to the desk, and took out one-third of the information that was about one and a half feet thick: “There is a kilometer of information here. Don’t look at it. It only has one store at the moment, but it is so long. Since then, almost everyone in the capital has known about Brother Wang and Brother Fat’s busy schedule.”
When he said this, Zhao Song pulled out the address book on his phone and handed it to Xizi.
“Dozens of front houses, tens of millions of transactions, millions of taxes, employment numbers, business volume, and influence on the surrounding flow of people. Xizi, I haven’t done anything yet. I am the boss of every district in the entire capital. I already have my second brother’s phone number, and the phone keeps ringing until midnight. Do I dare not answer it?”
/Looking at the address book, and then at the information about the contact room, Xizi remained silent. .
Zhao Song took out a three-inch thick pile of information from a thick pile and placed it in front of Xizi, and continued: “These are three connections and one extension. There are two distribution centers in Jingcheng and Shanghai. The former has been completed and the latter is under construction. “Because of Wen Jing’s relationship, his father and I had some quarrels, and countless follow-up plans came to a standstill.”
He took out another pile: “This one is Shanda shares, Biyu and Internet Cafe Alliance shares. How popular is Legend right now?” You should have heard about it in school. Now that there is a huge amount of income every day, Liao Yingzhu is busy with multiple jobs. Do you think I should let my mother resume her old job and go back to the battlefield? ”
Xizi’s forehead popped out ? Breaking into a cold sweat, he still didn’t speak.
Pulling out another pile: “This, LeTV underwear, also gave you some open underwear. You were full of praise. Under Linna’s care, it was in order and flourishing, but there are still a few months before she can I’m going to study in France. Who should I choose to take over? My sister? Or my autistic brother-in-law?”
Xizi lifted up her clothes habitually and wiped the sweat off her face without saying anything. .
Also: “This, ‘Why is my name so long because I don’t want you to know what I do’ company information”
“What is this?”
Xizi finally spoke, and he was stunned when he heard this weird name. Looking at a thick pile of technical information, he murmured.
/“Some technical patents and Guinness World Record application procedures. Xizi, y

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