ded the place. At the front of the team, the third leader walked out with a face.


ded the place. At the front of the team, the third leader walked out with a face.
Seeing Lin Yun, the third elder immediately asked loudly and righteously.
“Outsiders, since you appeared, the tribe has suffered a large number of casualties. This time, all our hunting teams disappeared without a trace. All of this is closely related to you. Originally, according to the laws of the tribe, it is You are going to be burned at the stake. Now, I will give you a chance to tell you your conspiracy, and I can make the decision. I will only destroy your magic power and leave you alive.”
Behind, Giles stood in the team. He stared at Lin Yun viciously.
“Outsider, I have long seen that you have a conspiracy. The last time I was attacked by you despicably, this time in front of so many people, I see how you can attack again. If you don’t tell me what your conspiracy is today, , just wait to be burned alive!”
Lin Yun glanced at the third elder and Giles.
Giles was immediately furious. Damn you bastard, you still dare to yell at me at this time. As long as you dare to resist and don’t tell what your conspiracy is, I will let you, a despicable human being, know it today. How powerful are the dark elves?
The last time I had a chance to let you, a bastard, escape, you were lucky. My father has been completely stabilized to the ninth level of the Titled Mage. You, a trash like you who only know how to make sneak attacks, let’s see what you do. As long as you dare to take action. , my father will kill you immediately.
Humph, take action, as long as you dare to release any spell, I will let you die happily.
Giles had a look of resentment on his face. As the number one genius in the tribe, and even one of the top geniuses in the entire kingdom of gods and demons, he was knocked to the ground by an outsider. This was the most shameful thing in his life, especially this one. The outsider is just a ninth-level mage.
These days, I have been thinking about how to kill outsiders all the time. Today, I finally have a chance.
“Outsiders, kneel down immediately, give yourself all your magic power, tell your conspiracy, and give you ten seconds to think about it. After ten seconds, if you still don’t do it, we will treat it as if you want to resist. , then don’t blame us for being ruthless!”
Giles raised his head, stared at Lin Yun with vicious eyes, and shouted loudly for all the dark elves to hear.
The third-level boss had a face, and the magic power all over his body had begun to surge. The raging magic power fluctuations began to spread to the surroundings like a tide. The pressure of being a ninth-level titled magician made the air thicker.
/“Outsider, this is your last chance. You must give up resistance and use all your magic power. For the safety of the tribe, I can only do this. We are just controlling you first. After everything is investigated, if you follow It doesn’t matter to you, I will apologize to you in front of everyone on behalf of the Dark Elf Tribe, but right now, the safety of the tribe is

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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