this group.


this group.
/KOC, as the word implies, can drive the purchasing behavior of other potential consumers. ”
Mr. Zhao, this is. Advertisement? ”
Zhao Song shook his head: “It’s not publicized yet, it will only spread in a certain circle.”
“Mr. Zhao, the one kilometer under the CCTV Tower is the largest store in the West Third Ring Road, and I belong to it. Members, I always hear some gossip from the shop assistants there. Is it true?”
Zhao Song nodded: “It’s true. I have eaten all the edible products sold in One Kilometer, and I will eat some every once in a while. ”
Food safety is such a big topic!
Zhao Song was silent, shook his head and smiled bitterly: “If you are talking about infant milk powder, it should be rarely sold within one kilometer.”
“But there is.”
“As long as there is, I will drink it.” Zhao Song replied affirmatively, “But this If there is something wrong with the plant, it won’t be reflected on me in a short time, not to mention that I can’t take the tasteless milk powder as a snack.”
“Is this broadcast?” Zhao Song suddenly asked.
“If possible, use breast milk. Otherwise, change formula milk brands frequently. Drink full-fat fresh milk after 1 year old, and change milk sources frequently. This is the safest solution I can think of!
One Kilometer is not a professional testing agency. I I am not a leader in charge, so I cannot touch the cake of inspection-free products, and I cannot touch the interests of international giants.
I can’t draw a conclusion whether there are problems or not, but I am an adult and have a special status. I can solve problems by myself and have excuses and abilities. Go back for revenge.
But where are the children? ”
Speaking of this, Zhao Song looked at everyone in the film crew, with a solemn and pleading look in his eyes:
“You are in the media, you know how to spread these words to the greatest extent in private. “Go out.”
At this point, Zhao Song stopped, shook his head, and changed the subject with a smile: “We are here to take pictures of Tesla. How can we talk about the last mile?”
“I should thank you for giving Tesla free publicity.”
I don’t know since when, ‘Mind your own business’ has become the old man’s favorite advice, and it is also the family’s deepest expectation for relatives and friends who go out to travel.
For Zhao Song, his relatives and friends didn’t know what was considered nosy to him, so the advice became the experience of his teachers:
you can be a wealth star, you can be a technology star, but you can’t be Savior!
Mind your own business, because you don’t know what’s hidden behind it.
So Zhao Song wants to drink those problematic things, because once the matter concerns himself, it is no longer a trivial matter!
If I can’t be a savior, can I beat someone? Is it okay to curse people? I just want to do everything I wanted to do when I was a keyboard warrior.
As for why I am so rich and still drink low-end gadgets created to reduce costs?
I am willing!
/Therefore, Zhao Song still has a bit of hatred

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