what is the sales data of ‘President Signature Edition Ipod’ during this period?”


what is the sales data of ‘President Signature Edition Ipod’ during this period?”
“More than 49,000.”
“What about those in New York State?”
“More than 18,000.”
“Has any VIP senior members purchased it? Data.”
“Yes.” Liu Ying, who was becoming more and more competent, quickly picked up the data and skillfully called up the data. “More than 9,600 people, the data is from New York State.”
Zhao Song nodded with satisfaction and took out a USB flash drive and handed it to Liu. Ying, explained: “This is the Times Square project planning. Tell the
listing team that they only have five days!
” Programmer – Black John, if you find another woman, use the one who fell in love with TV. ”
I will tell them to be prepared. ”
/Political correctness is always Zhao Song’s way of life, so what about Tesla. There will be no black people.
California, Silicon Valley.
Tesla of America temporarily rents its headquarters.
Black John typed the last line of code, took a long breath, and stretched.
His work here is very comfortable. The team is formed spontaneously. Everyone has common interests. The OKR working method allows them to arrange their working time as they like. As long as they complete the KPI assessment, no one cares about what they usually do.
Except there are too few black people.
But what does it matter. The work he does is Internet-related, driven by soft technology, and relies on imagination to create value.
What Tesla lacks most is imagination. Whenever their team submits an innovation plan through the internal system, the feedback report will always sublimate their project, not only providing a lot of constructive suggestions, but also pointing out the direction of commercial application for the project in the future.
/The combination of ideal and reality, in the evaluation of programmers in Silicon Valley, Tesla is the best company!
So what does it matter if there are few black people, because the Asan people are almost extinct?
However, I heard that the Ministry of Software Engineering plans to set up an Asan Kolkata branch to look for fresh graduates of Asan Polytechnic who have no way to go abroad. John may see more Asan descendants in the future.
“Didi didi~”
Suddenly, the internal system A personal email arrived.
Did you submit feedback on the project some time ago?
John opened the email while thinking,
“What is this?”
The black man’s eyes widened and his mouth opened wide, and the white teeth in his mouth fully showed the extent of his shock.
“Oh, my ^^^god~”
“Didi didi~”
As Black John sighed in disbelief, countless internal email notifications sounded among many Tesla employees who had the same hobbies.
December 15th.
Media wealth statistics:
Zhao Song 19.5 billion. Bill Gates 42.9 billion.
December 20, Beijing time, 9:30 am.
According to Tesla’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange, there are still 12 hours left.
According to reports, it is still half an hour before the opening of major stores in Zhongguancun.
In today’s Zhongguancun bu

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