lways stand on the side of the majority! “


lways stand on the side of the majority! ”
“The reason why there is no external help on my side in the equity meeting is because many people want to see how flower-growing companies participate in international competition and respond to external pressures. How to deal with it.
Learning experience and lessons at any time can become our precious wealth. This is also a manifestation of the wisdom and methods of the superiors.
You blame Wen Jing for betrayal and you for leaking the news. Don’t you know that the current outcome is your best. Ending! ”
Qin Han raised his head in surprise when he heard this, the best ending?
“Before the meeting, when the American political forces stepped down in person, the chessboard had already been overturned.”
Zhao Song looked at Qin Han calmly, his deep eyes making the female top student shudder: “Your victory at the Equity Conference will not be the end, it is just the end.” It’s just the beginning!
They will pursue every little mistake you make; top-down terrorist retaliation will overwhelm you; and then an unfettered Zhao Song will drive out all the American companies involved. Market!
I don’t want the American market, and you don’t want the flower market!”
Zhao Song’s words became lighter and lighter, but the scene he described made people feel numb.
“As for political factors, you are just a temporary combination of interests. I am a long-term interest in the United States. Do you think my American friends are more reliable, or your temporary interest partners?”
Qin Han was speechless. Although Zhao Song is a bit alarmist, it is very likely to be true. What can she say, is she glad that they failed early?
Several work documents were smashed in front of her face
. What she didn’t expect was that Zhao Song called her here not to show off his power, but to explain some underlying factors and let her understand what kind of people she was working for. Get her into work mode quickly.
Qin Han excitedly held the document in his arms and nodded vigorously.
“Tesla’s basic market is in the United States, so the corporate image marketing there must not be ignored. Patent lawsuits have been ongoing, and the related media budget can only be increased but not reduced. In addition to my personal entrepreneurial brand and Gui Luyang’s star-making plan , we need to add an additional star in the technology or design industry.”
Speaking of this, Zhao Song explained to the surprised Qin Han: “There is no doubt that Gui Luyang is capable. Her biggest trump card comes from Tesla’s original options, which to many people Temptation, and Tesla’s development is not the result of one or two people,
so the announcement there is actually creating a god, a lone heroic entrepreneur who was beaten by a group, and an invincible human resources director. In the future, plus A star scientist or designer!”
Zhu Yue, the little secretary on the side, was already numb, and she would rather not participate in today’s conversation. Because she still wants to keep the count

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