changing the way she spoke.


changing the way she spoke.
It seems like it was for today, but who knew that
8 years was very hard, but she is a woman, a woman, and she is born to act.
Private cafe.
Joe Crazy and Owen Jacobs didn’t know that their every move was being recorded by the cameras above their heads.
They looked at Wen Jing, curious about the source of her information, but they did not ask more questions, but looked forward to her next performance.
“The second round is the reciprocal of prime numbers and constants.”
“$2.614972128.” Crazy Qiao raised his eyebrows and said in an incomprehensible tone, “It seems that our richest man is still a math enthusiast.”
“No, Steve “Husband,” Wen Jing said with a smile, “Including the first round of Brown’s constant, they are actually Google’s quotation plan. Compared with Tesla, Google’s confidentiality methods are obviously not that
advanced. I understand Zhao Song, he can’t Allowing Google to continue its nonsense and raise the price will definitely disrupt their rhythm. ”
Owen Jacob nodded clearly. Zhao Song is obviously like them. It is impossible to use all the company’s cash reserves to buy these patents. In that case, as long as everyone has more money than everyone else.
This is a business and psychological game, but Tesla’s first-round quotation exceeded the highest valuation of experts, so it completely turned into a psychological game.
This is not a game about more money. A corporate dictator as powerful as Zhao Song will also face reasonable questioning from the board of directors after the results come out, let alone them.
Obtaining these 6,000 patents at the minimum cost is the source of the problem. If there are too many, it is better to pay patent fees and wait for them to expire!
“According to the plan, we need someone to share the pressure.”
Crazy Qiao said. He could only say that it was obvious that he was the least popular person in this auction.
Wen Jing didn’t speak. She recognized her role clearly, so she didn’t interrupt.
Irving said helplessly: “In the past month, we have also contacted BlackBerry and Ericsson many times, but today they launched competition without saying anything. It is obvious that they got something from Nicholas.”
Crazy Qiao: “We can tell them, As long as they pay a price, they can be given the right to use these patents!”
Owen: “Nicholas can do it too. Now it seems that he has made certain commitments to the two companies.”
Hearing this, Crazy Qiao said with a gloomy face. No more talking.
At this time, Wen Jing spoke: “Steve, Owen, did you overlook something?”
Wen Jing pointed to a newspaper in front of them: “BlackBerry, before participating in the auction, the first thing they did was leave. The Canadian government hoped to use tax deductions to participate in the auction without spending a penny. It was not until Zhao Song met with their CEO that they stopped the government lobbying action. ”
What do you mean?”
/Wen Jing said with a smile. If you have friends who can help, I believe BlackBer

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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