sy to defeat her secretly.


sy to defeat her secretly.
/However, this child with extremely poor talent and seemingly no morals seemed to have gone through a lot of hardships to reach the top of Luoyun Mountain. For a child to be able to climb a ten-thousand-meter-high mountain requires not only mind, will and physique, but also luck. From the point of view of that guy who slayed the dragon, how could he let such an outstanding seedling go so easily?
If that thing were passed on to this child, given his age, toughness, and intelligence, he might still have a half chance of becoming the third person in the world to get it. Although it is only half a percent, it is already very high, maybe not that much. But he is only so young and has not decided yet, so he has plenty of time. If it happens, it will take ten years at most. But will it be another ten years in vain, and then we will have to watch this child die in pain?
Hesitation and confusion flashed across the woman’s beautiful face, but she suddenly became firm when her cold eyes drifted past the hunting wind in her arms.
She was tired of waiting. She had been extremely tired of being in this lonely place for so many years with only a few unsophisticated people of her kind. She didn’t want to wait any longer. This child who suddenly appeared in front of her was her only choice now. If she missed this time, she didn’t know how many more years she would have to wait.
No matter whether he can succeed in cultivation, no matter what his future destiny is, whether he will live or die in pain, and no matter whether he will become another person in the future.
“I have a way to make you ignore the constraints of the waste body and practice Taoism.”
The woman’s sweet voice sounded in Zhou Jijun’s ears like the sound of nature, with endless temptation. Zhou Jijun suddenly raised his head, his eyes bursting with blazing light, as if a little beast on the verge of dying of thirst had found a drop of water, with nothing else in his eyes except thirst.
“Moreover, its cultivation speed is several times that of ordinary people.” A blush flashed across Zhou Jijun’s face, and his body couldn’t help but tremble slightly.
“It can be said that with it, you don’t have to care about the king level or the honor level. Because they have only just discovered its existence.”
“I, the Dianfu of Tianji Daofu, once said However, it is the most mysterious thing in the world, although this may be a bit exaggerated, but it is pretty much the same.”
“It’s just that among the thousands of people who have tried it, only two have survived. Come down. And if you want to get it, you have to pay me a favor and promise me three things.”
The woman said, looking at Zhou Jijun who was silent in the shadows. The boy lowered his head quietly without saying a word, but his forearms that couldn’t stop shaking betrayed him.
/The flying clouds were moving in the sky, the sunset was rising from the sun, the clouds were rolling and relaxing, and a successful smile appeared on the woman’s lips.
“I forgot to tell you, my sur

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