my opening the way as cannon fodder than risking the attack of those large zombie waves.


my opening the way as cannon fodder than risking the attack of those large zombie waves.
“Brother Long, come here and watch this video.” Yu Yang shouted to Gong Chenglong.
Gong Chenglong walked over, sat down on the seat next to Yu Yang, and looked at the video that Yu Yang was studying.
/The video was shot by a drone from a high altitude. Although it is a bit blurry, some of the content can still be seen clearly.
In the video, dozens of snow-spotted zombies and two fat zombies rushed down from the mountain. The armored convoy escaped in time after being discovered by the drone. However, the group of remnant soldiers behind might be trying to avoid the armored convoy, so they turned to the side. They evacuated, and then dozens of snow-spotted zombies coming down from Manshan met them head-on.
The video shows that when the two sides were still dozens of meters away, a soldier did not know what weapon he used. Only blurry white lines were seen in the video, and he accurately knocked down three zombies from a long distance, including one. Including two extremely threatening fat zombies.
At the same time, two other soldiers rushed towards the group of corpses. It was unclear what weapons they used. Anyway, after a close hand-to-hand fight, more than a dozen snow-spotted zombies fell to the ground! But these two soldiers were unscathed and became more courageous as they fought!
The unmanned aerial vehicle was just following the convoy passing by and performing other reconnaissance missions. It did not deliberately record this scene, so the video is no longer available here. After Yu Yang found this video, he put the drone back just now and found that the group of remnant soldiers were following their convoy again. Not a single person was missing. Even the family of three who were mixed in their team were alive and well. .
Needless to say, the wave of dozens of mixed zombies just now was completely wiped out by them!
“Can the soldiers in the northern theater be so powerful? Even our fully armed clone soldiers can’t do it, right?” Yu Yang asked Gong Chenglong in confusion.
“There is something fishy about these people! I heard some legends earlier. Could it be that they are biochemical soldiers secretly trained in the northern war zone? Otherwise, they would not have such strong combat power!” Gong Chenglong was also a little stunned.
/“In this case, why are they hiding behind our convoy?” Yu Yang became even more confused.
“Is this strange? Even though their individual combat power is very strong, they suffered heavy losses and suffered heavy casualties in the frontline battles. With just a dozen or so people, once they encounter a large-scale battle like just now, they will still be defeated. It’s not enough to see, so in order to survive, we can only hide behind our armored convoy.” Gong Chenglong was not confused about this issue.
“That’s true, Brother Long, I just contacted the base in the suburbs of Shuofeng County. I don’t know if there is a problem with the communication system of the base, and

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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