k: “I remember that the Minister of Agriculture seemed not very happy last night. Why?” “


k: “I remember that the Minister of Agriculture seemed not very happy last night. Why?” ”
I said That’s wrong. The relationship between Israel and the Arabs is not good, and I asked them to learn Israel’s water-saving agricultural technology, which made him think that I was provoking.”
Han Xuan told Anya with an innocent expression.
The outdoor barbecue last night was quite good, but the Minister of Agriculture left angrily. He only heard about it later, and the other party did not turn against him. It seems that he is also an extreme racist. There are many such people in the Arab region. .
Regarding the dispute between Palestine and Israel, it has been written about in future Chinese textbooks, but it is not detailed.
The Palestinian area once belonged to the Jews more than 2,900 years ago. After the country’s demise, the Jews wandered around. During this period, the Arabs occupied the area and called themselves Palestinians.
Later, the Zionists believed that their race should have a piece of land to establish a country, and finally chose the land where their ancestors had lived. After World War II, due to the great influence of the Jewish consortium, the United Nations forcibly removed the land that already belonged to the Arabs. The vast majority of land in Palestine was allocated to the Jews for the establishment of a state.
Of course, the local Arabs were unwilling to hear this news. Ever since the Jews continued to gather in Palestine to declare the founding of the state, the Arabs launched a war within the next 24 hours. However, Israel has the support of the United States and its military strength is superior to them. Many, many wars ended in failure.
The two sides have been hostile to each other decades ago and will continue to do so. This conflict is difficult to resolve. So far, the two countries have had a total of five large-scale territorial wars. The Jerusalem area is the shared capital of Israel and Palestine. .
Therefore, in the eyes of Arabs, Israel is like a nail stuck in their hearts. They feel uncomfortable no matter what, and the hatred between them cannot be eliminated in the short term.
In front of Arabs with extreme ideas, Han Xuan mentioned learning from Israel. He obviously meant well, but the other party would think that he was saying that his country was inferior to Jewish Israel. It was reasonable to be angry and leave the shabby
old city. After a while, the yellow sand on the ground became thicker.
The roots of the shrubs penetrate deeply, and the leaves are still green. Several towering pyramids can already be seen. They look hazy due to the evaporation of water vapor that interferes with the view.
The camel team carried tourists slowly along the roadside, and the sound of bells could be heard through the glass.
/In their eyes, the tall camel still looked as golden and shiny as last night. The two humps were filled with fat. Egyptians liked to eat camel humps very much. The camel showed a mouth full of uneven teeth when chewing. Just looking at the face, it l

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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