Hundreds of white skeletons worked together and quickly found the trick to control the fire.
/Wei He came to the center of Fangshi where Dongbaihua was arresting people.
There were originally a lot of White Skeleton bandits here, but after seeing the big boss being defeated from a distance, most of them broke up and fled.
The rest were poisoned by Wei He and couldn’t escape.
Only the Song Shixiong brothers and a group of abandoned women and children were left.
Everyone heard about the picture of the bright moon and the whale that Wei He asked for, and no one dared to take it away privately. Afraid of being hunted down again.
So except for the paintings, all other valuable things that were easy to get were taken away, and the scrolls were randomly discarded on a pile of Dong Baihua’s trophies.
Wei He came here quickly and looked at the terrified survivors around him.
Ignoring their gazes, he reached out and picked up the picture of the bright moon and whale that was thrown on the surface.
The scroll is expanded.
A somewhat rough and chaotic ancient painting was immediately displayed in front of him.
“Is this the picture of the bright moon and the whale?” Wei He frowned.
He looked up and down carefully, but couldn’t see anything related to martial arts on it. Xindao guessed it was another fake, so he casually put it together with the several ancient painting scrolls he carried on his back.
Song Shixiong’s voice was trembling at this time, and his legs were a little shaky, but he still mustered up the courage and stood up.
From Dong Baihua rushing out, to being beaten to death, to Wei He loudly forcing all the robbers to put out the fire, and so on.
He is smart and keen, but he still doesn’t understand that the situation is no longer in charge of the White Skeleton group of robbers.
The one who really makes the decision should be the master in front of him who can suppress more than two hundred elite white skeletons with one person!
From the initial panic to the current excitement, Song Shixiong’s emotions have completely changed into another kind of impulse.
He lives in such a small border town. Although he has determined to be a general since he was a child, he doesn’t know how to become a general.
All this time, he only had slogans and didn’t know how to do it or what to do.
but now.
He saw with his own eyes a large group of arrogant white skeletons, trembling under the power of one person in front of him and not daring to resist.
He finally understood how he could embark on the path of becoming the general he had dreamed of.
“What do you want to say?” Wei He turned to look at him.
“If I…” Song Shixiong swallowed his saliva. He was still talking eloquently in front of Dong Baihua just now, but now in front of Wei He, his voice was trembling involuntarily.
If what Dong Baihua brought to him was simply the fear of death, then what Wei He brought to him now was fear plus the hope of achieving his dreams!
The intensity of the

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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