which created this achievement, has made new moves.


which created this achievement, has made new moves.
Just yesterday, the Zhongguancun Online Evaluation Room received an overclocking product designed by Tesla A third-generation CPU radiator, this is also the world’s first mass-produced copper tube radiator.
The workmanship of the entire radiator is very exquisite. The contact parts between the copper tube and the heat sink and fins are tightly connected, and there is no trace of welding. Traces.
After fourteen hours of intermittent PUB single-baking test, the Pentium 3 CPU did not experience a single frequency drop, which greatly exceeded all traditional radiators on the market.
This also means that a new generation of radiators has been manufactured . The improvement of technology is beginning to become popular.
This will be a great boon to the majority of non-extreme overclocking players.
Currently, Tesla has only announced that this radiator will appear on new products released on September 1st. When will it be retailed and what is the retail price? Tesla has not announced it.
As a young company, Tesla has never stopped the pace of innovation. The first MOD chassis, the flash mob, and the stunning phantom moved the gardeners. Red, the overclocking performance that no one has surpassed so far gives Tesla a special status among the majority of computer enthusiasts.
Therefore, let us look forward to the new generation of products that Tesla will soon sell, as well as the new heat pipe radiator they pioneered. Total funds
: 1.1 million
/It was sunny
in the early morning, and thick fog enveloped the entire Xiagou Village. Standing in the middle of the small square, the signboard of Director Qi’s courtyard was
. After a bowl of porridge was placed on the low table, he shouted to the back room: “Old Zheng, Xiao Ran, it’s time to eat.
“Coming, Mom! ” ”
An old man and a young man walked out of the back room. The old man was a middle-aged man with a vicissitudes of life, and the young man was a young and beautiful girl.
After sitting down, the three of them ate breakfast without saying a word as usual.
Suddenly, the girl He raised his head and asked with curious anticipation: “Dad, where did Uncle Qi next door move to? ”
The middle-aged man took a sip of millet porridge slowly, and then replied: “I bought a newly renovated second-hand house in Nanfeng Terrace that day. I have already arranged it.”
The girl looked scared and said angrily: “Mrs. Qi Yuan I’m good at pretending. I almost went out with him twice.”
The middle-aged man paused and looked up at her, “Did he provoke you too?”
“It happened last year. I was busy studying then. Ignore him.”
The middle-aged man was filled with anger and didn’t know what to say, so he slammed the bowl on the table.
“This bastard can run fast.”
Aunt Zheng, who looked angry, suddenly remembered something, “Old Feng is still here. I used to quarrel with his mother-in-law once a month, but I think it’s better to change it to once a week! ”
The girl was just about to applaud her mother

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