to play a side game, but his father will never be able to justify it no matter how he tries to stop him! Zhao Song dared to be sure that no one would be offended by Zhongxing’s shield.


to play a side game, but his father will never be able to justify it no matter how he tries to stop him! Zhao Song dared to be sure that no one would be offended by Zhongxing’s shield.
China Technology, which has more than 30 billion yuan, should have more than 30 billion yuan!
Under the smoldering eyes of all the otakus, Zhao Song hugged Li Linna’s slender waist and shouted loudly: “Come home from work! Don’t be envious, the house will have it, and the wife will have it even more!”
“Oh ho~”
Cheers Amidst the sound, Zhao Song lowered his head and said hello in his heart to all the brand phone and accessory manufacturers who were making misguided decisions.
“Whoever dares to play tricks on Tesla will destroy Shenzhou!”

March 25.
One month after Shenzhou Technology went public, it issued its first stock market announcement.
“Due to major investments, equity changes, major acquisitions and other projects, Shenzhou Technology has suspended trading!”
March 26.
At the swearing-in meeting held by ZTE Corporation in the island country, a group of R&D personnel with a minimum academic qualification of Ph.D. solemnly promised:
“If the problem is not solved for a day, we will not step into the territory of the flower growers.”
This sentence is a whole day ahead of time and space. One year.
Zhao Song believes that before long, they will sing that legendary song and return to this land again. At the same time, it also means that the world’s most NB, lowest-cost, top-level company with completely independent intellectual property rights Intelligent large base stations will be born in ZTE, a flower grower!
“The red clouds are flying over the western mountains at sunset.
The soldiers are returning to their camps from target shooting.
The red flowers on their chests reflect the colorful clouds.
/Happy songs are flying all over the sky
There is one thing that has always been doubtful to Wan Hean, and that is what his boss is. What methods were used to make the islanders so obedient?
He asked Ding Tao and Wen Zhenwen, but everyone seemed to be holding back some emotions when talking to him.
/Something similar to ‘LeTV’? Isn’t that a brand that makes underwear? I heard it sells very well in European and American countries!
2001, April 1.
“The following is a set of financial news: Li Bowei of Shenzhou Technology Co., Ltd. said yesterday: Shenzhou Technology will not be affected by major events, and the company’s unaudited financial report for the first quarter will be released as soon as possible.”
“Our news, Shenzhou Technology Chairman Zhao Song and his party made a special report to the city leaders on the major issues of Shenzhou Technology’s equity change at the Beijing City Government yesterday, and received support.
On the afternoon of the same day, the Shenzhou Technology business delegation held talks with a subsidiary of Zhonghua Telecom. According to Shenzhou. A spokesman for Science and Technology News said: The introduction of new investors has been a strategy laid o

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