relationship with Brother Ninth, the godfather of the slums, so those who have the strength to provoke him People also don’t care about Jiu Ge because of his face.


relationship with Brother Ninth, the godfather of the slums, so those who have the strength to provoke him People also don’t care about Jiu Ge because of his face.
“Tiger girl, forget it.” Li Meng grew up in a slum and often wandered around the garbage mountain. He was beaten by Old Mike not only once and twice, but he naturally knew how powerful it was. Under Old Mike’s prestige, , still a little scared.
“Hmph, I’ve been wanting to trouble him for a long time. We’re moving anyway. We’re moving anyway.”
Huniu seemed to be extremely dissatisfied with Old Mike, or was unscrupulous because she was about to move. She kept nagging and ignored Li Meng’s persuasion. , striding towards the old man who was surrounded by a group of gangsters.
Hu Niu seemed to want to take advantage of the moment before moving to vent all her dissatisfaction in the slums. As she strode towards Old Mike, a gangster couldn’t dodge and was hit by Hu Niu. Niu’s punch sent teeth all over the ground, causing the gangsters around her to move away. Immediately, a clear space was opened around Mike.
“Hu Niu, what do you want to do?” Old Mike had sharp eyes and immediately saw the menacing Huniu striding over. He quickly took a step back and hid behind a group of gangsters.
“Old guy, do you still remember? When I was seven years old, I picked up a piece of optical cable for a holographic screen in a garbage mountain, and you beat me up!” Huniu glared at me, her big round face extremely ferocious.
“Ah, it seems like it was just a pull, not a fight, right?” Old Mike was excited. He felt that Hu Niu was deliberately trying to cause trouble today, and actually used what happened when she was seven years old as an excuse.
“Huh, just pulled it? My injury is not healed yet. Look, it’s still swollen.”
Huniu rolled up her sleeves, revealing a fat, white arm. The people around her suddenly laughed secretly, but no one dared To say Hu Niu is fat, not bloated.
“Hu Niu, your dad and I”
Old Mike naturally wouldn’t say that Huniu is fat. He knew from looking at Xie that whoever said Huniu was fat would be unlucky. However, the old man didn’t say anything about Huniu, but he glanced at Li Meng and felt a trace of anger. The ferocious look was gone for a moment. He just wanted to settle the matter and not get entangled with this big and thick woman. However, Old Mike didn’t understand. Although Hu Niu was usually unreasonable and unreasonable, she was not so arrogant. Today seemed a little different from usual. Okay, could it be that guy Li Meng who is instigating dissension?
/“Don’t mention my dad. If you hit me, you have to pay the price. For dad’s sake, I won’t care about you as an old man. Just pay me a miniature anti-gravity system. Brother Meng can get a flying skateboard.” Needed.”
Huniu’s words confirmed Old Mike’s suspicion, and Old Mike looked at Li Meng more fiercely.
Seeing the look that Old Mike cast towards him, Li Meng secretly complained that he had provoked this ruthless old guy today.
/Now that Master and Hu Niu are protectin

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