ottle on Zhang Shengli and still has this bottle left.


ottle on Zhang Shengli and still has this bottle left.
“What do you mean?” Li Changhui glared at Liu Qian.
“A bottle of medicine for a chicken.” Liu Qian answered Li Changhui.
“Just this bottle of medicine? Are you kidding? It’s too little, I won’t change it.” Li Changhui waved his hand to Liu Qian.
“Medicine is a very scarce commodity in the last days. This bottle of medicine is enough to exchange for two salt-water chickens. Why can’t I just exchange for one now?” Liu Gan replied to Li Changhui.
“Want to exchange a bottle of anti-inflammatory medicine for two salt-water chickens? Do you know how many of these medicines we have here? There are several big pharmacies nearby! Boy!” Li Changhui looked at the other people around him with a smile on his face. The men, those men laughed together, and then looked at Liu Qian as if he were a fool.
“Okay then, can we add these water chestnuts?” Liu Qian took out a small bag of water chestnuts from his backpack and placed it on the table in front of Li Changhui.
/Li Changhui opened the plastic bag, ate the water chestnuts inside, and shared them with the people around him. After a while, he ate most of the small bag of water chestnuts, but he never said anything. Exchange thing.
“Can you give me the chicken?” Liu Qian asked Li Changhui.
“He wants chicken! Haha, he wants chicken!” After Li Changhui bit another water chestnut and ate it, he looked at Liu Gan with a mocking expression, and then the people around him burst into laughter.
“These salted chickens originally belonged to this supermarket, not to you. Anyone can eat them. Since you came first, I won’t say anything. I will exchange a bottle of anti-inflammatory medicine and a bag of water chestnuts for a salted chicken. I’ve given you a big advantage, but your attitude is really a bit too bullying!” Liu Qian glanced at Wang Decheng who was following him, and emphasized his tone to Li Changhui.
/Wang Decheng was also a little angry at Li Changhui’s actions. Even if he didn’t want to exchange things with Liu Gan, there was no need to humiliate him like this, right? To tell the truth, wouldn’t it be enough if the salted chicken was not exchanged? He brought Liu Gan in. If Li Changhui didn’t give Liu Gan face, he wouldn’t give him face. But due to Li Changhui’s status and strength in the camp, Wang Decheng now dares to be angry but dare not speak out.
“You think it’s too much to bully someone? OK, OK! You can exchange it for the salted chicken. In exchange, keep this girl and all your luggage. Then, get out of here with this salted chicken!” Li Changhui picked it up from under the table. An empty bag containing chicken bones was thrown in front of Liu Gan.
“What do you mean? Are you looking for fault?” Liu Gan looked at the bag of chicken bones on the ground in front of him and glanced at Wang Decheng next to him, his expression even darker.
The meaning is obvious. Previously, I did not rob the supplies in the camp because of your face, Wang Decheng. I just wanted to exchange things. But this Li C

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