ergy. Only the group will do.


ergy. Only the group will do.
Just swallowing up a small group of energy that was torn apart by the energy cannon from this ancient energy group made Liu Qian feel that he had significantly improved. What would be the effect if he swallowed this entire ancient energy group?
However, from this point on, Liu Qian also deeply realized the strength gap between him and this ancient energy group. Fortunately, during the first encounter, he disguised himself as a cold meteorite and escaped the search of this energy group. , otherwise, he would have become a part of its body now.
After eating the first piece of delicious beef, Liu Gan looked greedily at the cow again, the mad cow in a violent state.
Although beef is delicious, fighting a mad cow is very dangerous and requires a lot of patience.
/A few months later, with Liu Qian’s patient dealings, his group of energy cannons tore off a small group of energy from the ancient energy group’s body.
But this time when Liu Qian tried to swallow the ball of energy, the ancient energy ball that was originally going to attack the energy cannon suddenly turned around and rushed towards Liu Qian, only a small amount of time before Liu Qian was completely involved. Among its huge energy groups.
Fortunately, Liu Qian is not a very greedy person. After realizing that something was wrong, he immediately gave up his plan to swallow the energy and fled away. The ancient energy group swallowed the torn energy by itself. Then he chased Liu Qianji again.
Although the ancient energy group is very fierce, as time goes by, under the attack of countless energy cannons spread throughout the solar system like ants eating elephants, its energy activity level decreases little by little. When its energy is active After the energy level drops below 50% of the original level, the probability that the energy cannon will tear off a small piece of energy mass from it increases.
/Liu Gan also got more opportunities to hunt and devour these scattered energy groups. As he devoured these scattered energy groups one after another, the ordinary energy in Liu Gan’s body suddenly seemed to boil one day, and then the whole evolved into Powerful mysterious energy.
This kind of ordinary mysterious energy is called the first-order mysterious energy by Liu Qian, and the mysterious energy that has been upgraded by one level is called the second-order mysterious energy by Liu Qian. When all the ordinary energy in Liu Qian’s body is upgraded to the first-order After the mysterious energy, his mobility has greatly increased. The fusiform exploration ship now only needs a few seconds to increase to one-tenth of the speed of light, and it can reach the speed of light in half a minute. At this time, a small amount of the second-order energy in his body is activated. With mysterious energy, you can jump into the space tunnel at any time.
After his mobility was greatly increased, Liu Qian was able to play with the ancient energy group more freely. His overall energy was still not on the same order of magnitud

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