e unnecessary movements immediately made his Taoist immortal style more performative in Liu Qian’s eyes.


e unnecessary movements immediately made his Taoist immortal style more performative in Liu Qian’s eyes.
It seems that this man is very pretentious and enjoys the admiration of everyone and the feeling of respect, which is in sharp contrast with the leader who is described as quite calm and sophisticated in Liu Qian’s heart.
/“I came here to find my friends. One of my friends was locked in a cage in the trading market by you. I asked them to release her, but they refused, so I did it.” Liu Qian said patiently. Qiu Zitao explained.
/“Oh? Didn’t I hear they said they had released her? Why do you continue to make trouble?” Qiu Zitao continued to question Liu Qian. Although he was questioning, his expression did not appear angry or annoyed.
If he is really a chess piece, he is also a well-trained chess piece.
Liu Qian looked around the stands and frowned slightly when he saw the second in charge, although he had a feeling that the man on the high platform was probably not the real leader, but the one below the stage was. But until the strength and identity of these two people are truly understood, all this is just speculation.
“I am also looking for a friend. She is also in your community now. As long as you agree to let me take her away, I will no longer make things difficult for you.” Liu Qian looked at Lulu under the stage.
Lulu looked back at Liu Qian, with a very resentful look on her face.
“Oh? Who is the person you are looking for? Have you found him?” Qiu Zitao asked Liu Qian.
“Found it, she is there. It seems that she is your fifth leader now.” Liu Gan pointed at Lulu. He just knew her identity here from the names others called Lulu.
Qiu Zitao followed Liu Gan’s direction and looked down at Lulu, and found that Lulu was also looking at Liu Gan on the high platform, with a strange expression on her face. Qiu Zitao suddenly realized something and couldn’t help but frown.
After hearing the conversation between Qiu Zitao and Liu Qian, the elders and players in the square couldn’t help but start talking. Novice Village is a small society, and since it is a society, there will inevitably be some gossip. Almost everyone knows that the leader, Qiu Zitao, is pursuing Lulu, the fifth leader, but he has not yet succeeded.
Now a very powerful man suddenly appears and wants to take Lulu away. Things seem to be developing in a very bloody direction. Are these two men fighting over this woman?
“Is he your friend?” Qiu Zitao asked Lulu. Although he still had a smile on his face, he was already a little jealous.
As Zhao Nanshan’s chess piece, Qiu Zitao got almost everything he wanted, except for Lulu. He hated Zhao Nanshan’s rules, but he did not dare to disobey him. The so-called killing of his predecessor, the third master, was actually the result of Zhao Nanshan forcing him to kill him to scare the monkeys. He warned Qiu Zitao that if he dared to do the same thing as the third master, he Zhao Nanshan would Nanshan would also kill him.
Therefore, although Qiu Zitao is already level 11, he does not da

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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