B1 Island’. It


B1 Island’. It
also allowed Charlie to establish ‘Ocean Shrimp B1 Island Comprehensive Development’ Company’, after a while, when the time is right, it plans to use the modern version of ‘Cortez’ as a modern version of ‘Cortez’, with the help of major companies across the United States and even the US military, to completely occupy the ‘Ocean B1 Island’.
“Li You’ve already taken over one-third of the island?” The girls were stunned after hearing this. Tracey blurted out: “I didn’t expect that your speed of spreading ‘hypocrisy’ would be getting faster and faster. ”
Thank you for your compliment Tracy, although the word ‘hypocrisy’ hurts my self-esteem,” Zhang Lisheng curled his lips and said, “Now it is not a big problem for me to occupy the ‘Hai Xia B1 Island’. The trouble is instead the routes to other islands.
But I already have a clue. When a fish tide formed by a small gray fish migrates, it can…” ”
Wait a minute, baby, you, are you planning to use the fish tide to find the route from ‘Shrimp B1 Island’ to other islands? ? ”
Yes, this is the simplest and most practical way. There are countless ocean spirits living in the Hell Sea.” As far as I know, reconnaissance aircraft and reconnaissance ships of the US military have mysteriously disappeared. That’s why the route between ‘Sea Shrimp Island B1’ and Newport, New York, will always be escorted by warships…” ”
/Baby, how many islands can you find based on the fish tide? Oh, God. Haven’t you ever thought about it. Military reconnaissance aircraft and reconnaissance ships cannot be used. We can launch satellites ourselves.
There is no sign of any changes in space, whether it is the earth or the space of the ‘different world’, just like the ‘X-axis’ in the atmosphere. Outside the atmosphere is the ‘Y-axis’, and there is no interference between the two.
/There are no satellites in ‘Hai Xia No. 2 World’ because freedom has tilted all the development budget towards ‘Hai Xi Xia No. 1 World’, but we can completely spend our own money to build transmission towers and buy satellites to launch.
In this way, as long as you have enough money, you can easily get a detailed world map of the ‘Ocean Shrimp No. 2 World’. ”
After listening to his girlfriend’s words, Zhang Lisheng’s eyes widened and he was stunned. At this time, Cui Qian, who was still on the Internet, had already started searching for satellite messages, and soon the results were obtained, “covering a satellite about the size of the earth. Theoretically, only three satellites are needed for a planet. Of course, if you want to take into account the extremes, you need to add one more, so count it as four.
The official quotation for the launch cost of low-orbit satellites in the United States is 15,000 yuan per kilogram; for synchronous orbit satellites, it is 25,000 yuan per kilogram. An ordinary satellite weighs about five tons. The more expensive synchronous satellite Calculated by orbiting satellites, the cost of launching one is only 125 million meters, which is about the same price as t

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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