don’t want to Go ahead and play by yourself.”


don’t want to Go ahead and play by yourself.”
“You’re still kissing me. I’ve been out for so long and you don’t miss me? Also, when have you ever been busy and old Barton wasn’t here?”
“What the hell, you’ve only been out for a few days. God? You’re not at home, I’m dying. Yeah! Wife, don’t kick! Son, I just thought about it, let’s go over there. Your mother is also going to relax. Did she really buy a fishing boat? There are also golf courses and racecourses. ?”
“Well, the fishing boat has arrived. Wait for the plane to take Anya back to New York and have it pick you up in Billings. By the way, bring Jigglypuff and the others over. I applied for a breeding certificate in Seattle and need to bring the animals with me. Register with the Conservation Organization Association. Especially these two guys, Winnie and Jenny, they are protected by law. Our family is raising them secretly. If they are caught, they will be released, and they can be raised openly in the future.”
“When will the plane arrive? Can they get on the plane?”
“What are you afraid of as a private person? Buy an elephant and fly it if you can fit it in. In the afternoon, I will give you Captain Isaiah’s number. Fly to San Francisco International Airport and I will pick him up in the car. You and my mother”
It’s about nine o’clock in the morning on October 11th.
/The sun was halfway up in the sky, shining into the helicopter.
End the call with dad.
Captain Benjamin was whispering to Jason in the passenger seat, asking why there were so many reporters just now.
Han Xuan stretched his head and tilted his ears. When he heard Jason’s answer, he immediately became furry like a cat whose tail was stepped on.
“Hide? What is hiding? This is a strategic retreat! You don’t know this word, are you dumbfounded? It was invented by Chinese war experts, you don’t understand. What are the benefits of being reported by these media? I am not a star. There are people taking secret photos everywhere, and it doesn’t feel that good. Speaking of which, these media are really hateful. Without public supervision, we can only know what the media groups want people to know. Sooner or later, I will kill them all!”
“How? ”
Jason suppressed a smile and turned back. This word can also mean other things. Han Xuan understood his dirty joke and raised his leg to kick him over. “Use the Internet. Why are they the uncrowned king? I can do it too.” He
gradually approached Gumball. The scope of sea ranching.
A sea buoy demarcates the boundary between it and the Monterey Bay Marine Conservation Area. The coastal land is depressed to the east, forming a semi-arc-shaped bay.
Dolphins in the water heard the noise and jumped out of the water one after another to follow the helicopter. From time to time there were black shadows swimming on the bottom of the sea, which were large schools of fish.
“Damn it! Another fishing boat is coming to steal fish!” Benjamin shouted.
Han Xuan looked forward, “Where?”
/“That! Hey! Jason, let’s do it again, force it out! Like

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