ay. Stay here for a while.”


ay. Stay here for a while.”
Isabelle saw him comforting the cat like a child, and chuckled: “Starting at nine o’clock, we will do the Mensa test papers from previous years. Finished? How’s your score?”
“I took the test last night, you tell me first.”
“A hundred and ninety at most, it’s your turn.”
“Why tell you, it’s a secret.”
/“Go to hell!”
Ramiri Now I wake up, say good morning and run to wash up.
Principal Gregorian was making breakfast. He looked back and said with a smile: “Try the omelette you just learned. Use the fried omelette to wrap ham and bacon. You can also use onions, green peppers, and mushrooms. Which flavor do you want?”
A student stood outside the window with his eyes wide open: “Actually, you can add steak. We are protesting, and you still have time to cook? Come on, you are the principal, brother.”
“Don’t be a fool. Talk, call me principal or sir, have you ever eaten this?”
Gregorian opened the window, put the omelette on a plate and handed it to him, then put a fork on it, “Let’s see if it tastes right.”
/“It’s okay. The egg roll is too old and a bit mushy.”
“Well, Han Xuan, close the window, classmate, and put the plate on the window sill after you finish eating. I’ll clean it up later.”
Harris may have stayed up late again, dozed off and went downstairs, using After chatting for a while after breakfast, and taking their belongings, Gregorian went out to attract firepower, waited for them to leave, and followed them on a bicycle in a swagger.
“You all know where the classroom is, right? Who’s taking the exam in the Slavic Language Department? I can give him a ride.” ”
Me! I’m in the Cognitive Language Department exam room, right next door.” Han Xuan shouted with his hand outstretched, jumping onto the principal’s car From the back seat, he waved his hands to the other three, earning a lot of blank stares.
There are more than 6,000 students at Brown University. Excluding graduate students and doctoral students, as well as those who don’t want to take the exam, there are only about 500 who want to test their IQ. There are 30 people in one exam room, and the exams are divided into more than ten different classrooms.
IQ may also rise with age, and some professors also join in the fun, such as Leon Cooper, the 1972 Nobel Prize winner in physics.
Five of the 700 teachers at Brown University are Nobel Prize winners. He is one of Gregorian’s neighbors. “Are you here too?”
“You can come, why can’t I come.” The principal thumped. He said with a punch.
Professor Leon sneered and smiled at Han Xuan, “Come on, go back and tell me your results.”
Han Xuan nodded with a smile, looked at his location, and walked towards the old building of the Department of Cognitive Language.
Everyone in the examination room was almost there. There was a professor with white hair in charge of the exam. When he saw the boy coming in, he said, “Just find a seat and don’t bring other idiots to copy.” The
sound of breathing in the classroom suddenly became louder.
Han Xuan lay on his

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