e to deliver something!” David stood up and said to Hans on the other side of the dining table.


According to his guess, it was probably a friend who knew that he was leaving and sent someone to deliver a gift.
In addition, his spirit had no hint of danger, which made him a little careless.
David reached out to open the door and saw the person outside the door raised his head. David saw a smiling face, with no emotion in the smile.
The spirit that had been silent all this time was now frantically sounding the alarm, and a feeling of extreme danger arose.
David pushed his feet hard and stepped back.
‘Ultimate Speed’ was also activated, and his retreat speed was as fast as lightning.
“Father, leave quickly and go through the back door!” As he backed away, he did not forget to remind Hans.
Kaser took an extraordinary step, and his whole body was wrapped in personal armor. Of course, all of this personal armor was inside the clothes and could not be seen from the outside.
Kaser Chaofan had not thought about using his extraordinary armor before. In his opinion, it was just a casual thing to catch an intermediate-level soldier.
Being in the battle star all year round allows him to perfectly hide his aura, including his intention to attack.
It will only be revealed at the moment of taking action, which is why David had no mental awareness before.
David’s reaction and speed exceeded Kaser’s extraordinary expectations. Kaser’s extraordinary combat experience was extremely rich, and he activated the extraordinary armor without much thought.
Therefore, although David’s retreat speed was extremely fast, exceeding the fastest speed of a peak soldier, it was still unable to compare with Kaser’s extraordinary speed.
With just one step, Kaser arrived in front of David and reached out to grab him.
David had no weapons in his hands, and even the second-level military assassin was not equipped because he was at home.
/However, he will not surrender. 23% proficiency-level unarmed combat ability is activated. Under the same conditions where both parties have no weapons, if the other party does not have the ability to engage in unarmed combat, he is not afraid of close combat with bare hands.
“Hey!” Kaser stretched out his extraordinary hand to grab the air. His lightning-like grab was met by David who turned sideways and hit him close to him. After successfully avoiding his grab, David launched a counterattack.
Although this blow was not with full force, Kaser’s extraordinary casual grab was not something that ordinary soldiers could avoid.
David didn’t know the opponent’s strength. After stepping aside and grabbing him, he moved forward with his legs without retreating, getting closer to Kaser Chaofan.
His hands turned into fists and struck Kaser’s extraordinary ribs and abdomen several times.
David’s strength of more than 1,400 kilograms gave him absolute confidence in his attacks. Even if he had a piece of iron in front of him, he could leave a mark on it.
But as soon as his combo ended, a strong pain came from his

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

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