e examination, they no longer need to study crazily every day. Except for those who have to take the physical examination, the rest of the candidates will enter a state of vacation, and it will be a vacation without any homework tasks.


This is the most relaxing vacation in life. After entering college, there will be pressure from exams, studies, and work. There will never be such a relaxing vacation again.
David looked indifferent. Needless to say, his grades were good. Although there were some very difficult questions in this exam paper, he was still able to answer them based on his ability.
“David, how do you feel about yourself?” David thought that Emma was still waiting, and was about to hurry up and leave, but he saw Principal Grover coming to him and asking.
Principal Grover’s eyes were full of expectation. If David’s results could be as good as those in the school’s internal exams, reaching or approaching full marks almost every time, then the top scorer in the college entrance examination in Lenka Star and even the Iridia Star Territory would be the same. Possibly obtained by David.
This will be an opportunity for Lenka Private High School to become famous. The school that can produce top students in the college entrance examination is enough to be recorded in school history.
“It feels a little difficult, and the rest is similar to the school’s mock exams!” David replied with a smile. He looked at the hovering car descending in the distance, and continued: “Principal Grover, there is a friend over there to pick me up. Sorry, I’ll excuse you now!”
“Go ahead!” Principal Grover nodded.
Principal Grover looked at the background of David’s departure, feeling happy at the same time and a little worried at the same time.
/David’s answer did not reassure him, but made him even more unable to judge.
“David, congratulations on you no longer being a high school student. Starting today, you have completely graduated!” Emma congratulated David with a smile as soon as he entered the hover car.
Although her relatives at home didn’t say anything, Emma felt a lot of pressure because she was in love with a high school student, and she was afraid that others would talk about it.
“Well, I still have a physical skills test tomorrow to end all college entrance examinations!” David reminded a little embarrassed.
“Ah!” Emma’s face turned red all of a sudden. She was shy about her mistake. She looked at the agent Lucia who accompanied her. Lucia made her schedule.
To send David to take the college entrance examination, he needed to allocate time in advance. Lucia did not tell her that after David’s day of exams ended, the college entrance examination did not end.
Lucia also helplessly spread her hands. She has never taken the college entrance examination for the military major. Likewise, Emma has not taken the college entrance examination for the military major. Neither of them thought of this.
“You don’t have to take the exam tomorrow. I only need a short time to finish it tomorrow!” David saw Emma’s mistake and said

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