have a medical license.”


have a medical license.”
“It’s okay. Can you take me to him? ” ”
/“You are hurt? “It wasn’t until McGrady, who was feeling a little more relaxed, that she realized that Zhang Lisheng’s face was already pale and bloodless.
“Yes, the joint of my shoulder blade was opened a few joints by the fracture doctor.
/“I’ll drive you to Dr. Song right away. ” ” Tracy McGrady was startled, started the car and drove in the direction of Tang Dynasty, New York.
The Chinese are a very special nation. As the only ancient nation in the world that has been passed down continuously for thousands of years, they have a strong national pride. People like to live in groups in any country, forming communities whose living habits are very similar to those of China.
In the history of China, there once appeared a dynasty named “Tang” that had close trade relations with the West. , so these communities are customarily called “Chinatown” by Westerners.
After Zhang Lisheng came to the United States, he was busy practicing and starting a career. He had never been to Chinatown in New York City, but as a Chinese, he was more or less familiar with it. I have done some research on New York’s Chinatown.
I know that New York’s Chinatown covers an extremely vast area and contains dozens of streets, with 700,000 to 800,000 Chinese living in it. It is like a medium-sized Chinese city embedded in the New York metropolitan area. There is a systematic existence.
There are various practitioners who master the unique life skills of China, such as Chinese doctors, pedicure masters, etc. You don’t even need to know English at all to live your life smoothly.
When going to Chinatown On the way, the fear in Maddie’s heart dissipated, and she actually started talking to Zhang Lisheng, “Did you really kill Doctor Broken Bones, the most terrifying serial murderer in the history of New York?
Why did he attack you? Did he accidentally ‘win the lottery’ and select you as a target, or have you known each other for a long time…” ”
I’m in pain and don’t want to talk. Can you just drive well? ”
“understand. “Maddie was silent for a while and suddenly spoke again: “By the way, I’ll just ask you one last question. Are you a ‘dark’ superhero like the Dark Spider-Man in the movie?
Now I suddenly feel that I was stupid for being afraid of you.
I have read so many superhero comics, and I should have known that you have the kind of “power attribute” that looks evil and scary, but in fact you are upright and lonely.
Despise those law enforcers who follow the rules and let the rich and powerful criminals go, weigh it with the balance in your heart…”
“Shut up. “The huge pain in his shoulder became more and more intense. Zhang Lisheng huddled in the car seat and said with a slightly trembling voice.
Tracy glanced at him and found that his condition was really bad, so he stopped talking and stepped on the accelerator. The girl’s driving skills were much better
than Zhang Lisheng’s. The seven-seater SUV flew lightly and at high speed on the road, p

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