na believes it…


na believes it…
It doesn’t matter what you think the mountain toad is, as long as you don’t tell it. Tina vouched for you.” ”
You show this big toad in front of me , not because of Tina’s guarantee…
Oh God, that’s an orangutan, this is so cruel!”
“Yes, it’s so cruel. An orangutan that is more than two meters tall and weighs more than 150 kilograms is the most aggressive when attacking. But if we smash our heads, why do we have to let the mountain toad eat it?”
Tracey was speechless for a moment, and she whispered after a moment of silence: “But it didn’t attack us…”
“When it takes the initiative to attack us, what do you think? Do we still have a chance to fight back?
We are in danger now in the Amazon, and our only goal is to survive.
Tracey, instead of worrying about whether a chimpanzee deserves to die, you should worry about whether you can get out of this jungle.”
” Hey, Li Sheng, what you said may make sense, but speaking in this tone to a girl is a bit too much for a gentleman like you.” ”
I’m not a gentleman, Tina…”
“You are, If you continue to deny it, you are the same.
Otherwise, you would not be walking in the Amazon jungle, and Tina and I would not be alive now.” Tina said decisively.
Zhang Lisheng was stunned for a moment, smiled with unknown meaning, silently sensed the position of the island dragon in the jungle, and quickened his pace without saying a word.
The three of them were walking through the jungle speechlessly. Suddenly Tracy said, “Sorry, Li Sheng, I shouldn’t have said that to you just now.
Tina is right. You are so enthusiastic about coming to Amazon to help me, which proves that you are a helpful person.” A good person, especially you understand the horror of the primitive jungle better than all of us.
/Although I do not agree with the power you control, I pay tribute to the Three Saints (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) in the name of my Christian name Joanlia. Swear, I will never reveal the secret that you are a ‘wizard’.”
“Okay, Li Sheng, Tina has apologized to you, can we go slower?
What the hell, when Mr. Tuta led the way, you… He looked very weak, leading the way and running very fast.”
Zhang Lisheng still didn’t speak, but slowed down his pace, and the three of them walked in the jungle until dark. They were exhausted, and finally took shelter next to a pool.
The empty jungle pool is often the most dangerous area, but after some cleaning by the mountain toad, it has become a relatively safe campsite. At least a good view will allow the three of them to have at least two or three seconds before being attacked. Clock buffer opportunity.
After settling down and filling his stomach with high-calorie food, Zhang Lisheng ordered the mountain toad to roll up a large pile of branches with its giant tongue and lit a bonfire.
With the firelight, there was warmth and security. Tina and Tracy’s faces suddenly became much better under the light of the fire.
“Tina, Tracey, I’ll keep a vigil for you. Bake your underwear, wrap up in a sleeping ba

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