. In the blink of an eye, only the shell of the crab was left on the table. Soon the shell was gone, and Harris dragged him to dig it out with a spoon.


. In the blink of an eye, only the shell of the crab was left on the table. Soon the shell was gone, and Harris dragged him to dig it out with a spoon.
The white-collar workers in these companies usually pay attention to their image, but they are very relaxed when they occasionally indulge. After more than a month of running-in period, they have become friends with each other, laughing and talking, and even Anthony, who is always with their faces, also participates.
It took nearly an hour to eat, and Schultz called himself to say that he had arrived at the company.
After cleaning up, we got in the car and headed to the suburbs east of Seattle, where Starbucks is headquartered.
/Surrounded by mountains all the way, going uphill, downhill, and in circles, this kind of terrain is not suitable for building a city. However, it is close to the natural harbor of Victoria and borders Canada. It also serves as an important transit point for communication with the enclave of Alaska. , has developed quite rapidly in recent years.
“I have already negotiated with Mr. Schultz. He currently owns 46.26% of Starbucks shares and is willing to sell 10% to our company at a market value of 90 million. Only 23.3% of those shares belong to him, and the rest only has decision-making and management rights. In 1987, when he didn’t have enough money, he convened a group of investors to join him in acquiring Starbucks. Now that the stock market is booming, and Starbucks stock did not rise as expected, a shareholder entrusted him to sell the 10%. In the past, communication was done over the phone. , this time I came here mainly to ask if he had any thoughts on selling some of his shares. I have studied the development trajectory of Starbucks over the years, and I always feel that the market value is now seriously underestimated. If he had not used investors’ money to expand and cause losses, in There is no way there is only 3.8 cents per share on the Nasdaq market.”
“I also think so. Starbucks has only been established for seven years. I have a lot of things that Schulz will be interested in. I should be able to buy some more. The market How many shares are there in circulation?”
“Paul Allen’s 25% of the shares were diluted to 20.34% with the listing. After being acquired by us at 9.78 in the market, there was still 23.26% left. It only took half a month for the money to be transferred to East West Bank. I Worried about causing a market rebound, I did not dare to go all out to acquire Starbucks. Many people were originally optimistic about Starbucks. However, it has just been listed for more than a year, and the stock price has not risen as expected. Many investors are still waiting and watching. The initial acquisition was too fast and its market value has increased a lot. , plus the 10% acquired from Schultz, we lost at least 4 million US dollars.” ”
Even if it is a small loss, it will be good if you can hold its shares in your hands. Don’t worry, I won’t deduct your salary.”
/He said vaguely I smelled coffee, so I opened the c

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re was any further hesitation, no one would be able to leave.

He hesitated, and Heshen rushed out after Nan Zhaorong. Murong Cheng followed closely behind, but without saying a word, his speed increased sharply, and he actually caught up from behind. Fly to the front. “A certain family takes the first step! Young Master, Miss, take care!” His face condensed, and his whole body suddenly lit […]