ssion and forgot about this matter. After Forsi looked at each other, he said frankly:


“How much is the entrusted amount?”
Audrey was startled by the amount of money entrusted.
She completely forgot about the payment, because in her opinion, this was Mr. Fool’s test.
Check to see if there is anyone who actually gives money to the other party.
“100 pounds,” Audrey considered and gave a number.
“Deal” Xio and Forsi responded at the same time.
If you can catch Lanerwus, you can not only get Miss Audrey’s reward of 100 pounds, but also receive a reward of the same amount. It’s really a good task. Xio’s eyes sparkled and he asked casually:
“Why are you looking for this scammer who defrauded you of your money?”
/I don’t even know who he is. Sure enough, it was a simple commission. The transaction was completed for 100 pounds. There is no need to talk to Mr. Fool anymore. It only cost 100 pounds. Audrey smiled politely and ignored Xio’s question. And mention:
“I received news that he is in Backlund.”
“Ah, yes, there are more than a dozen portraits here, different portraits. I considered that Lanerwus would definitely be disguised, so I gave him portraits without glasses, with a beard, and with different hairstyles. Hmm, I guess. .”
I’m equally good at drawing and painting. Audrey raised her chin slightly.
Xio immediately forgot his doubts and said in surprise:
“This is really good news”
She seemed to have seen the 200-pound reward waving to her.
The mysterious person she met at Mr. A’s party has not yet established contact with her, so she can only continue her career of saving money.
Audrey nodded invisibly and said thoughtfully:
“Do you have any clues about the Psychological Alchemy Society?”
Forsi straightened his long curly hair, glanced at Viscount Graylint who was listening and said:
“I recently joined a new gathering of Beyonders. It is said that magic potion recipes for spectators and mind readers have appeared in it. I suspect that there are people from the Psychological Alchemy Society among the members of that gathering.”
“When there is another party next time, I will apply and take you with me.”
“Okay.” Audrey deliberately did not hide her joy.
She had just read Xio and Forsi’s true mental state from their aura colors, body movements, and subtle expressions, and thus judged that they were enthusiastic about the task and had not lied about the psychological alchemy meeting.
Viscount Graylingt muttered:
“Audrey’s matter is about to be successful. Where is my pharmacist’s formula?”
“There are really no clues for this at the moment. The medicine master’s path is more in the south, in the Kingdom of Feneport.” Forsi made a gesture of deep regret.
“Well, I’m still young. I’m only in my early 20s. I still have time to wait.” Gray Linte replied humorously.
“Okay, thank you for your help. I’ll see you next time.” Audrey bowed gracefully, put on her gloves, got on her horse, and walked along the track.
Susie followed happily, seemingly finding a way to play.
Because he stayed up late doing

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