g dirty jokes, Klein sat down and maintained a stern attitude:


“A good adventurer is not addicted to alcohol.”
Clevis next to him nodded:
“It is only when he is home that the adventurer allows himself to drink.”
“That’s such a shame.” Ireland turned to look at the siblings Donna and Denton who were curiously looking at Sonia’s blood wine, and laughed, “This is not something that underage children should experience.”
“I’ve had it before, and it tastes really good,” Donna retorted immediately, “It’s just that I fell asleep without realizing it and slept all afternoon.”
“I remember you had two drinks that time,” the little gentleman Denton said enviously.
Ireland did not satisfy their thirst, so he ordered the crew to give each of the siblings a cup of sweet ice tea, and casually explained:
“There are quite a few Southerners on this boat.”
Denton withdrew his disappointed gaze, looked at the fishman who had taken away valuable materials, and said slightly innocently:
“Actually, actually, it’s not that scary. It’s just a relatively large, particularly ugly fish with four limbs.”
Donna glanced at her brother:
“Congratulations, you finally recognized it for what it is.”
She then looked at Clevis and Ireland longingly:
“Uncle, uncle, are there many such monsters in the sea?”
/The fish-man has no extraordinary abilities beyond imagination. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is slightly equal to the beast of the sea and the biological prototype of the legendary monster.
Ireland chuckled and said:
/“No, similar monsters rarely appear in the main channel and surrounding waters. They have been almost wiped out a long time ago. If you can encounter a fishman and see this kind of creature, you are lucky enough.
“Think about it, if I can often hunt monsters worth 200 pounds or more, then I will definitely not be the captain of a passenger ship. I will organize my own hunting ship to chase these gold pounds.”
It made perfect sense. Klein secretly applauded.
According to his observations just now, the extraordinary material on the fish-man’s body should be its swim bladder, and the blue water-like light makes people see it like a gem.
Cleeves picked up the black tea just brought by the sailor, smelled it first, and then took a sip:
“Only by deviating from the main channel and going deep into the ocean, which is often shrouded in fog or storms, can you have a high chance of encountering such a monster, but that is very dangerous.
“In addition to the scaly fish-men who can climb, there are also legends in those sea areas about Nagas whose upper body is a human and the lower body is a python. They have six arms and are very agile.”
Ireland took over the topic:
“There are also giant octopuses that spit out juice that can corrode many people, there are terrifying sea monsters that can capsize a boat with just one blow, there are mermaids whose songs make people intoxicated and never want to leave, and there are mermaids that can create lightning. A giant blue dragon, a big bird with wings that can stir up hurrica

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